Body Composition Analysis: Your New Retention Tool

body composition analysis

As CrossFit goes mainstream, your Box will attract its share of out-of-shape beginners: binge watchers, office workers who sit all day and regular couch potatoes.

If you can convert a higher percentage of these new members into devoted CrossFitters, you will increase revenue and grow your business. Remember, injury risks are higher among beginners and any injury will cause this group to quit. That’s why injury prevention should be a key part of your Box’s retention strategy.

But injury prevention requiries personalizing programs to meet each member’s needs, which is a nightmare to scale.

A professional body composition analyzer helps you accurately measure every member’s body composition, or a person’s muscle, fat and water levels. Use the data gathered to easily personalize all aspects of training, from onboarding and recovery to goal setting.

Here are three ways you can use professional body composition analyzers to prevent injuries and convert new members into seasoned veterans:

1. Identify imbalances in the body to prevent future injuries.

A well-planned onboarding program will prepare a new member for general classes. Mobility, stability, technique tests, along with professional body composition analysis will give you a deeper insight into the member’s body.

Use a body composition analyzer that can measure the amount of pounds of lean muscle per segment — right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg and torso — to identify imbalances in the body stemming from improper training or old injuries.

Significant muscle imbalances increase injury risks. Through body composition analysis, you can spot imbalances, prescribe corrective exercises and quantitatively measure the improvements.

Tip: To detect muscle imbalances, use a body composition analyzer that uses multiple contact points on both the hands and feet. Analyzers with multiple contact points can measure body segments independently. This will produce accurate measurements for body segments rather than estimations.

2.  Gauge your member’s recovery.

The thrill of pushing oneself to the limit is addicting, and a new member might ignore what their body is telling them in favor of squeezing in one more workout.

So how does a Coach protect a new member from his or her self?

First, test a member on the body composition analyzer before his or her first workout. This will be the baseline.

Before the next workout, have the member test again and then review the results together.

A body composition analyzer with body water analysis can detect the amount of inflammation or swelling in each muscle group from fluid buildup. Regular testing will make it easy to decide when to modify workouts and when to recommend active rest.

Tip: The body composition analyzer must use multiple frequencies for an accurate body water analysis.

3. Help your members focus on personal goals.

When a new member adds extra weight or reps just because the top athlete in the Box is doing it, mistakes and injuries happen.

Have your members focus on attainable, personal goals set around skeletal muscle mass gained or percent body fat loss. Track progress toward these goals by using a professional body composition analyzer that gives precise and accurate results. Members will see their changes in body composition. This will keep them motivated and their competitive spirit satisfied until they are ready to begin increasing the intensity without hurting themselves.

Tip: Just because a member is getting older doesn’t mean his or her results should get worse. Accurately track muscle and body fat by using a device that doesn’t rely on pre-loaded data, like age, to calculate results.

Using body composition analysis will help you reduce injury risk by helping you spot imbalances in their body, monitor recovery and keep them focused on personal goals by tracking progress. And in turn, you will give each member a better physical base, prevent overexertion and keep them motivated. A member that feels better and looks better will keep coming back.

But retention is not the only area a professional body composition analyzer can help you improve. Add more value to your membership plans by including body composition tests and create a new revenue stream by offering tests as a service. Take your Box to the next level by adding a professional medical body composition analyzer.


By Jeff Kim, the head of marketing and public relations. Jeff works to help gym owners, medical professionals and researchers learn how to use the InBody in their field. InBody tests are easy, precise, non-invasive and quick, taking less than 60 seconds to complete. To learn how you can incorporate a medically validated professional body composition analyzer into your business, check out Inbody’s ebook or email