Better Apparel in Your Box


Atypical T-shirt starts out as cotton grown in one country and is shipped to a second country to be bleached, beaten down and spun into yarn. Then, it is shipped to a third country to be knit into fabric and dyed, then shipped to a fourth country to be sewn into shirts. Finally, it’s shipped back to the U.S. to have a logo painted on and sold. After all that, you’ve just got a rectangular shirt that doesn’t fit well, doesn’t last and often doesn’t get worn. That “Team Building  Exercise 1999″ shirt in the bottom of your closet isn’t good for anybody.

Athletes need to exercise in something that performs. Seams that blow out can be a distraction at the wrong time. Clothes that don’t fit aren’t safe. Loose shirts or baggy shorts can catch or snag and create a serious safety hazard. See-through leggings or tights can ruin a workout, and not just for the person wearing them.

Think about the best thing you own. It probably didn’t come from Wal-Mart. If it is something you really wanted, you splurged on that item. You have had it for years and it still makes you happy.

Athletes are inspiring humans because they are working to improve themselves. They show everyone around them that if you work hard at something, you can make it better. Most of us don’t have a reason to lift more weight in our daily lives, but we do need to be improving something. The demands that athletes put on themselves and on their gear is setting an example for everyone else in the community, showing them how it is possible to make things better.

These days, a select class of companies have started manufacturing performance apparel on demand. This means you can get custom designs printed with your brand on them with no minimum orders. You can have killer graphics, high quality fabrics and perfect fit, all while being manufactured in the U.S. and with no money down. Since they manufacture every order on demand and deliver within a few days, you won’t have money tied-up in inventory.

Selling quality gear is a way to raise the bar for the whole community. Set an example for your Coaches and athletes so they know what you expect from them. Quality gear helps everyone to feel proud of the Box, community and the environment as a whole.

As athletes strive to improve, this same mentality should be in the companies and products a Box partners with to sell apparel.

By Pablos Holman, Co-Founder of Bombsheller. Contact Pablos at or visit