Benefits of Working with Rigquipment Finance

Rigquipment Finance

Is your programming hindered by a lack of equipment? Is it time to replace those cracked plates and rusted bars? Are you being forced to cap your classes because your facility is too small? These problems can be solved, they just require capital. Financing is a great solution for small business owners who are ready to invest in the growth of their business, but need additional funds to do so.

Now, the important part is finding the right lender, one who truly understands your business and the community you have developed at your Box. Ask yourself: Does my lender have a Fran time? Has he/she ever coached a 5:30 a.m. class? Or cleaned a barbell with a rag or a hookgrip? If you work with the team at Rigquipment Finance, you can answer “yes” to every one of those questions.

Rigquipment was founded by Coaches and athletes who recognized the challenges faced by gym owners seeking capital to grow their business. Rigquipment has made it its mission to offer a dedicated financing solution for Affiliate owners.

Benefits of Working with Rigquipment Finance

  1. A Specialty Lender – Rigquipment works exclusively with Affiliate gyms and boutique fitness businesses.
  2. Direct Lender – Rigquipment is not a broker; application to funding is done in-house.
  3. Proud Partner to Boxes Nationwide – Rigquipment understands your business and is dedicated to helping the community.
  4. Relationships with all Major Equipment Vendors – Select the equipment and flooring that best meets the needs of your Box.
  5. All Applicants Welcome – No time-in-business or annual revenue minimums.

Estimate Monthly Payments with Rigquipment’s Quote Calculator

To help Box owners better understand the cash flow impact of utilizing financing, Rigquipment has created an easy-to-use quote calculator that can be found at Using the built-in sliders, evaluate how your estimated monthly payment changes based on various amounts financed over varying term lengths.

Whether you are purchasing new equipment, expanding the size of your facility or acquiring an existing fitness business, applying for funding is easy with Rigquipment Finance. Get started today!