The Benefits of Having a Hiring Page on Your Site


Adding someone new to your staff can be a scary process. You want to make sure they are the right fit for your gym and your gym is the right fit for them.

Ashkan Amirsoleymani, the owner of CrossFit Rittenhouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, explained the gym has an entire page on their website dedicated to hiring. Whether it be an admin position or a new internship program for a Coach, they post it on the site to ensure they are bringing in the right people for the job.

Below, Amirsoleymani highlights a few key reasons behind creating an entire section on their website dedicated to new hires:

BP: Why did your gym decide to incorporate a hiring page to the website?

AA: We are always looking for good people to add to our team. Myself and my business partners have a few gyms in our ecosystem so we have learned what works and what doesn’t. We are always looking to add to the team because we have been in places where we haven’t had enough people, and we have been in places where we know how to correct that by bringing people in to apprentice and grow. Throughout the different ways we have done it, the most potent way was through a posting on the website.

BP: Is it important to post detailed descriptions of what you are looking for in a potential candidate?

AA: That is something we have developed as we have gone through the hiring process. As we have gone through the years, we have found what works and what we need to add. We have used Indeed and Craigslist, which you obviously get a lot more people that way. Sometimes, however, it isn’t people related to our industry — it’s those who are just looking for work. They may not understand what exactly we are looking for. Whereas when it’s on the website with a detailed description, people will know what they are getting into as far as the interview process.

BP: What do you look for in employee applications?

AA: Applications are really used to show if they are able to follow the directions. On one job application, we had put a section where the potential candidates had to insert a little blurb or send in something specific. The applicants who had an attention to detail and did that were the ones we immediately contacted. We still kept the information of those who missed that and were able to contact them later, but they weren’t first on the lists.

BP: Would you recommend other Box owners add this section to their website when looking for a potential hire?

AA: I’m sure people in the CrossFit community are pretty solid at networking, so a position for a Coach might be different. If you need to hire an admin position, however, that might not be someone you have in your network of people. This feature has worked great for us and I would recommend other gyms hire when needed through their site.

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