Episode 14: How to Benefit from a Corporate Wellness Program


“Thinking outside the box” is a saying most know. But in the CrossFit industry, it should be literal.

Your gym is X amount of square feet, able to hold only a few hundred members or so before your seams burst. So, do you stop growing once your run out of room? Not necessarily.

On this episode of Box Talk, Brian Strump sat down with Heather Hartmann to discuss something he is doing outside of his Box: a corporate wellness program. He shared how it started and how it has continued going, as well as the three options he offers to local businesses. Plus, he’s learned several lessons through offering the corporate wellness program that has not only helped him in bettering his overall service, but also in knowing his worth.

As you listen, think about how you can take the fitness and valuable product you offer outside of the gym. Realize your product is awesome – or it’s on its way to becoming awesome – and think about how you can get involved with the local businesses around you to continue to change health, wellness and the world.

Show Notes

  • Brian Strump started with a chiropractic office in a globo gym when he found out about CrossFit.
  • Filthy Fifty was his first workout, and he didn’t finish.
  • In 2009, he decided to open a CrossFit gym/chiropractic office: CrossFit Steele Creek in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Having a doctor’s office in the Box doesn’t mean you’re a safe gym.
  • What does health and fitness have to do with a wheel?
  • Why Strump was embarrassed by his warehouse Box.
  • The biggest benefit of the 8- to 10-week corporate wellness program.
  • Strump also offers team building for companies.
  • Corporate wellness can lead to members.
  • Use your members for human resource contacts.
  • Strump is willing to travel to businesses.
  • Could conventions be another profit center? Strump shares what he has learned.
  • Why discounts aren’t a good thing, especially when it comes to corporate programs.
  • Strump mentioned, “that Box Pro thing.” Here’s what he’s talking about.
  • How “The Pumpkin Plan” is implemented at CrossFit Steele Creek.
  • What is the benefit of having a lot of members who are also business owners?
  • A last piece of advice from Brian Strump deals with consistency.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.