How to Beat the Competition: CycleBar


On the drive to your gym, you might pass half a dozen boutique fitness studios.

Whether it’s Orangetheory Fitness, 9Round or CycleBar, there’s a lot of competition in this industry. While you believe in CrossFit and all it can deliver, there is something else that’s drawing members to these boutique studios. What could it be? And what can you take away to implement in your Box?

We sat down with two Peake Media employees who are CycleBar members to ask them why they love CycleBar and what keeps them going back for more. Several themes arose from the conversation: 

It’s an Experience

“I love CycleBar because of the overall experience,” said Rachel Zabonick, the editor-in-chief of Peake Media. “There’s a lot of little details the brand provides that just makes it a step above any other workout experience I’ve ever had. For example, you don’t have to bring a lock because they have shared-use lockers; you’re provided cycling shoes; they have hair ties, deodorant, towel service and lotion available; and afterwards I’m sent stats showcasing how many miles I biked and how many calories I burned.”

“I love CycleBar because it’s an experience versus just a class,” said Sarah Wallace, a national media consultant of Peak Media. “From the moment I walk in the doors it starts. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. The instructor is usually somewhere nearby as well, welcoming everyone in. I love all the perks and amenities like the showers, lockers, the getting-ready room with DryBar products, and the counter offering not only purified water but pre- and post-workout snacks.”

It’s Just Fun

“Most importantly, the workout is fun,” said Zabonick. “The instructor and upbeat music keep me motivated to keep pushing through and working hard the entire time. If I were working out on my own, I’d just give up. It’s the only workout I’ve ever defined as ‘fun.’”

“Then there’s the class itself – I love it’s a bit darker of a room with fun lighting and the music always makes the class. The leaderboard with stats makes it even more fun for those of us with a competitive edge,” said Wallace. “I joke that it’s my form of therapy because it really is something I look forward to each time and feel amazing when I walk out. The friends and connections I’ve made also give me something to look forward to and help with rolling out of bed when the alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m.”

Great Instructors

“The instructors are amazing. They each have their own personalities and styles, but you can tell they all know what they’re doing and are very passionate about it,” said Wallace. “I never thought of myself as much of a spinning person, but because of CycleBar I am obsessed. I love being able to walk in, settle in on a bike, and enjoy the music and the movements without having to do much thinking about knowing what to do or how I look doing it. I have absolutely noticed getting stronger and more in shape. Even though I’ve been going for over a year now, the classes are still always super challenging and kept fresh. I have yet to be bored.”

ACTION TO TAKE: Ask yourself, “Where can I deliver better in experience, instruction and a fun workout?” Write out three things you do in each category really well. Write three areas where you can improve. Pick the largest hole and begin filling it today.

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at