Balanced Habits Gives Gyms a Sustainable Solution

Balanced Habits

“Today’s fitness customer has never been more educated and, at the same time, more confused about nutrition solutions. Nine out of 10 people looking to join a gym are doing so to lose weight,” said Carolyn Fetters, the developer of the Balanced Habits Nutrition Programs.

Years ago, people joined gyms to get fit, not knowing that meant they had to change the way they were eating as well. In 2008, when The Biggest Loser came on T.V. it changed how consumers were looking at nutrition. In came challenges and an entire new market was developed for the fitness industry.

However, challenges are outdated due to over-saturation. Although, short-term programs specific to both fitness and nutrition guidance have become the norm for all fitness business models. “There is a significant opportunity for a fitness facility to have a scalable yet customized nutrition program that creates new business and offers better unique brand identity from the very crowded fitness space,” said Fetters.

Today’s customer is savvy and understands more than they are given credit for. They have grown weary of the diet industry and are seeking the support, guidance and accountability they experience from fitness industry experts. There is a trust there that doesn’t occur within the diet industry. “This is a very different customer than we were seeing even five years ago,” said Fetters, who is also a co-owner of three training studios in Southern California.

Never before has there been such an opportunity to consume a former devotee to a different industry into a new one.  This customer has been here all along; they just weren’t being given a proven and sustainable solution.

Offering fitness businesses a tangible, scalable and practical approach to nutrition that appeals to everyone is the pride of Balanced Habits. “You should have different program term lengths and levels of education to offer your audience, and be able to gain new leads and improve client retention. You cannot expect one approach to nutrition to appeal to everyone,” said Fetters.

As a business model, Balanced Habits has all its bases covered to help fitness clubs generate tremendous revenue while at the same time providing a transformational solution that is important in the CrossFit model. Their approach is sustainable, practical and doable for all walks of life.

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