An Attitude of Gratitude

Showing gratitude in your Box can make a huge difference.‘Tis the season for gratitude and thanksgiving. I am not going to be an exception. It’s been 18 months since I affiliated CrossFit Stevens Point and exactly one year since I welcomed athletes home to our permanent location. I can’t believe how much we’ve grown, how much our athletes have progressed and how much fun we’ve had in the process.

I believe that in this time, we’ve built a solid foundation and that my business and our community will continue to grow and prosper. Like any growing business, my Box is succeeding because of the many unique contributions of some very special people. It’s time for me to say thanks. I hope that by sharing these contributions, we can all gain a better understanding of how to work with your team to build a strong CrossFit Box.

Leading by Example

I have been blessed with an extraordinary group of Coaches past and present. These six are the definition of leading by example.

John — my right-hand man and a technology genius. He’s contributed in so many ways, but I believe John’s greatest contribution is in his strategic thinking and long-term vision. It is John who worked to bring seminars such as Whole9 and the X-WOD Explosive Seminar to our small-town Box. And it is John who took our CrossFitters for a Cause initiative and helped promote and grow it to other Boxes. These things have made our Box much more than a gym: we have become a recognized force in bettering our local community inside and outside the Box.

Shannon — instrumental from the beginning and nowhere is that more evident than in the success of our CrossFit Kids program. A longtime elementary school teacher, Shannon shines as a CrossFit Kids Coach and our youngest members arrive at every session full of enthusiasm and leave full of smiles and a sense of accomplishment. Our CrossFit Kids and Youth programs are helping make CrossFit a whole family experience and are solidifying ties to our Box across generations.

Bill — our Supple Leopard and an incredible asset in working with our athletes on mobility, dealing with ‘limitations’ and aiding in injury recovery. In the excitement over the WOD, mobility work is often neglected. Bill makes sure we don’t forget how crucial it is to overall training.

Alex — not only a great Coach, Alex is also our fittest all-around athlete and as humble a guy as you will ever meet. Every day, he leads by example and inspires all our athletes to never give less than their best. I think every Box can benefit from the example of someone who is equal parts excellence and humility.

Jill — our resource for local food sources and clean local proteins. She has impacted many lives because she has made it possible for all of us to eat clean. We’ve all learned that working out alone is not enough. We do our best to counsel new members, not about a specific diet or theory, but about the importance of good, clean nutrition in their overall health and athletic performance.

Ben — our newest Coach, Ben brings a fresh perspective and inspires athletes who have watched his tremendous progress since he graduated from Fundamentals. I think all our athletes benefit from seeing someone ‘just like them’ find a new sense of confidence and purpose because of CrossFit.

Begin Each Day with a Grateful Heart

Every day, I get to wake up and head to the best job I can imagine — and in large part it’s because of these Coaches and their specific talents, interests and passions. All those things round out the experience available to athletes at our Box.

Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today.” I’ve learned that these contributions give shape and structure to what my Coaches and I are trying to achieve. Because together we can offer so much on so many different levels, we are creating a strong FUTURE for our Box and our community.

I’m grateful for that most of all.

Scott Keyser moved to Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 2011 and got his Level One certification and Affiliation in 2013. After time at two temporary locations, he left his ‘day job’ and took CrossFit Stevens Point on full-time at its current location. Scott, his wife Kristin and their son James reside in Stevens Point, and they all CrossFit.