At the Games for Affiliates

The Games for Affiliates.It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for: The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games has officially begun.

I’ve been seeing posts, photos and videos of people getting amped, hyped and pumped. There’s a buzz in the air whenever you walk into a Box, people talking about the athletes and events. is full of new content and event releases every day, and Instagram is full of competitors’ photos.

Here at Box Pro, we’re riding the same wave. In preparation for our Thursday, July 23, through Saturday, July 25, adventure, last-minute To-Do list items are getting check off. There’s everything to think about — from logistics to a social media strategy. No, I haven’t packed — not even the sunscreen — but I have a mental list of what’s needed.

Let’s just say that it’s definitely stressful. But also incredibly thrilling.

In both blog and print, it has been addressed how various Affiliates are using the Games to their advantage. Now, I’d like to know what you, Affiliate/Coach, hope to learn from the Games this year? Are you looking for new equipment possibilities for your gym? Or is it programming for your competitive athletes that you’re eyeing? Perhaps ideas for community events? Maybe who the top supplement vendors are that you should consider to sell at your Box?

Well, Box Pro is here for you. As we traverse the Games arena and Vendor Village, we want to hear what you want. Ask us your questions on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I’ll be attempting to meet up with some fantastic Coaches and Affiliates from across the nation. Many have agreed to an interview and while I have questions on hand, I could always use a few more for them as well. We’ll be providing you with photos, content and updates in hopes that we can help you and your business.

So, what topics do you want discussed? What business conundrums do you want answered? What photos do you want to see?

Most importantly, how can Box Pro be the biggest resource for you, Affiliate and Coach, during the industry’s largest event of the year?

It’s definitely interesting to be going to a consumer-geared event and trying make it beneficial to the Affiliate and Coach. However, we’re Box Pro and that’s what we do.

So, let me know! Because, let’s be real: We wouldn’t be doing this without you, Affiliate.


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