The Art of Changing Lives

Every member has value.This week released a video on YouTube showcasing the rapper Rick Ross working with a dietitian/nutritionist and CrossFitting via Coach Garret Fisher. If you watch the 24-minute video you’ll come away wanting a couple of things: 1) a little of your life back, and 2) knowing where to get the t-shirt they showcase around minute one.

However, the video got me thinking about all the differences in CrossFit. Personally, I can’t look at the video and say that I believe everything that was shot in the video was good for CrossFit, because not everyone is going to look at the video and try to take something positive from it – read some of the video’s comments and you’ll understand.

Rick Ross is just one minor example of the growth in the power of the CrossFit brand, and you as an Affiliate or Coach are the conveyor of successful strategies on a consumer level. Your strengths in your Box are what help the exercise philosophy to grow and become known by people of all types.

In the video you’ll surely notice that Rick Ross is out of shape, which is fine. We can’t all be in great shape all of the time, and you probably have one or two members in your gym that resemble the famous rapper.

If you’ve been a Coach for very long you’ve probably seen smokers, bad eaters and overweight people come into your Box. Likewise you’ve probably witnessed top-level athletes enter your Box and crush WODs. The point is that members come in all shapes and sizes. Some will come with detailed athletic backgrounds, while others might be years removed from athletics, and still others without any athletic background whatsoever.

It’s important as a Coach or Affiliate that you see the value in every person. This is an area that will help set you apart and make you an enjoyable place for current and potential members. Not everyone will follow all of your dietary recommendations, nor will they always get in your gym the prescribed amount – what’s important is that they come, work hard and achieve results.

Rick Ross may not be the poster boy for CrossFit at this time. Yes, he’s still overweight and yes, the video showcases aspects of the rapper that shouldn’t be aligned with CrossFit, but he’s a depiction of the typical American in 2014 – overweight and making unhealthy decisions. But, he’s taking a shot at making a turnaround, regardless of how small. Make sure you’re open to getting people in shape and changing lives, not judging them for not being on the same level as yourself or professional athletes at your Box.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.