Armaid Aids Arms and Hand Care



The Armaid Company, Inc. helps military service people in need of arm and hand care.

“Everyone should have the means to heal and maintain their own arm, elbow and hand health,” said Terry M. Cross, sports therapist and Armaid inventor. “We provide the means to achieve that for a lifetime.”

But that’s not all. “We are seeing an influx of service people needing our product,” said Cross. “After serving, these clients have an increased, unique, type of fatigue in their arms and hands. Many of them now are temporarily or permanently relying on crutches and wheelchairs. Anything we can do to make the transitions in their lives easier, while offering exceptional care and compassion, is important to us. We want to help them achieve long-term success, health and fitness.”

The Armaid Company provides the following added value items for service people:

  •      Skype video call support and DVD Instructions
  •      Donations or sponsorships for individuals or platoons
  •      Financial assistance for the purchase of Armaid
  •      10-year warranty on the Armaid unit

The demand for military special assistance has increased over several years. Not only is this group in pain, they are also often limited in medical options and financial security. “The demands of military life and CrossFit make this an exceptional audience for Armaid use,” said Cross.

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