Are You Sociable on Social Media?

Engaging on social media.

One like. One tweet. One photo.

Social media can take engaging your audience to a new level, if you do it right.

“Make sure that your social media is directed to the consumer, meaning that it’s engaging,” said Eric Jaber, owner of CrossFit 267 in Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania. “So, rather than just making generic posts, it really has to be well created, thought out content that directly affects or is related to your consumers.”

Engagement and marketing were broken down into two categories by Clara Rienhoff, the marketing manger at CrossFit RSC in Finksburg, Maryland. On one hand, you are marketing to get people interested in CrossFit. On the other, you’re trying to solidify the established community. So, you have to relate to both on social media.

Measuring that engagement is something else. On Facebook, Jaber takes the five to 10 gyms that are closest in proximity and adds them under pages to watch on Facebook. Then, he can monitor their engagement versus his. “Generally speaking, if my engagement is three to five times better than my competitors, I know that I’m reaching more people via social media,” Jaber said.

Also, Jaber said using the power of Sweat Angels can be beneficial. A Box can choose its price package, determining how many check-ins it gets per month. Broken down, each check-in is 40 cents and it will go to charity. If the amount of check-ins goes over the cap, it’s just an additional 40 cents per check-in.

At CrossFit RSC, Rienhoff said they try to establish seven points of interaction, on and off social media. This could be posting a photo of the member or them wearing the Box’s shirt. “What you do is end up creating relationships with people that ensure that they’re going to choose your place,” said Rienhoff.

Jaber also urged Affiliates to set up a Google Plus account. He explained Google ranks you higher just because of it. However, Jaber said you can link it to your Facebook and have everything posted on Facebook appear on Google Plus.

For Jaber, mastering social media has been beneficial. “You’ve really got to build it, brand it and market it, and you’ve got to be smart with your marketing money, and social media is the only marketing money you can spend where you can really, really analyze the results rather than just throwing crap against the wall and hoping it works. Social media gives you the option to measure your advertising,” he said.

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