Are You Ready for the Next Social Media Marketing Shift?

Ever-changing social media.

Has guerilla marketing transformed into simply social media marketing? For Affiliates, a lot of the old-time go-tos for fitness club marketing don’t necessarily apply. Sometimes it’s due to the price of direct mail campaigns, but other times it simply factors the type of customer found in most Boxes.

According to Sarah McGovern, the Founder and CEO of RAD Media, “Social media allows you to highlight what you are doing at your Box in a very visual way. In essence, you are bringing people inside your Box without having them step foot in the door.”

This hasn’t been more prevalent than during this year’s Open, where Affiliates have shared the successes of their members around the world. “By showcasing all of your members regardless of age, size and ability, you can relate to people who might have been intimidated by CrossFit from what they have seen, or heard, from other sources,” said McGovern. “It makes the sport more relatable.”

One way a lot of successful Affiliates are doing this is through regular posting. “Post photos and videos of your members regularly,” McGovern suggested. “Not only does this create engagement between Box owners and members, but it also creates buzz and engagement between the members.

“Social media is a great way to improve retention with the membership. It helps to relay important information to the members, create a buzz around upcoming events and keep the members engaged. CrossFit is very much about community and this is the perfect way to keep the community connected.”

One drawback to social media is its rapid change. “Changes in social media happen very quickly and new innovations appear regularly,” explained McGovern. This can be a struggle for small business owners, especially when companies like Facebook adjust the landscape for business completely.

“I think it will be difficult for new applications to break into the marketplace and become successful,” said McGovern. “I also think that Facebook will continue to make it more difficult for businesses to use the platform without paying for advertising; so we as marketers are going to have to get more creative.”

The scary thing is what is working now, may not work in three months. In terms of marketing it’s an ongoing and shifting concept that must shift and evolve with technology and trends. However, one thing seems to be constant: People enjoy seeing successful photos and videos, and the more you showcase your multi-tiered demographic, the more traction you build in your community.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.