What to Look for in Antibacterial Wipes


Free weights are found to have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat – yikes!

Think about it: How many hands have touched that bar? How many times has that kettlebell been swung? Sharing equipment, words of encouragement and some sweat is all normal within a gym, but white and red blood cells, no thanks! It’s not a huge surprise that there are germs living in the gym. The key is to fight the spread of germs, including staph infection, by incorporating antibacterial measures into the pre- and post-workout routine. Antibacterial wipes and gels kill 99.9 percent of bacteria maximizing germ prevention.

Look for an antibacterial option that incorporates BZK. BZK not only kills germs, but also acts as a moisturizing agent when in contact with skin. To further moisturize and help keep those callouses supple, find an option with aloe vera and vitamin E. Each application lasts for hours, unlike alcohol products which last a matter of seconds and dry out skin. Antibacterial wipes with these ingredients will continue to fight bacteria hours after the equipment is put back into place.

The most common way viruses spread is through contact with an infected surface such as a doorknob, barbell, gas pump, etc., followed by touching the face or an open wound. For example, a torn hand or scraped shin rubbing up against a barbell or box allows transmission of the infection. Promoting a clean environment within the gym will promote a healthier lifestyle overall.

The prescription is simple — just wipe your hands and the surface of the equipment with an antibacterial solution before and after you use it.


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