How to Answer Objections to CrossFit

answer objections to crossfit

Can I do CrossFit?

That is the question Randy Vest, the owner of CrossFit Cathal in Paragould, Arkansas, comes across the most when talking to potential members. “That’s the main question that I get,” he said. “It may not be direct like that — can I do it — but their questions are revolving around that.”

As a CrossFit owner, protests and questions arise from anyone who walks through your door for the first time. Whether it’s the question of can they do CrossFit or why does it cost so much, there is a barrier you have to hurdle over. So how do you answer objections to CrossFit that you may commonly hear?

When Vest first started his Box, he would often go into an in-depth explanation of what CrossFit is to a member. “What I found over time that really helps is I just tell them, ‘Look, you’ve just got to try it,” he said. “Give us three months and I guarantee you that will become a priority, and for the most part it is. But it is tough to get somebody to grasp that. What you’re paying for and what you’re getting compared to down the road at Anytime Fitness where you’re not paying for a service; you’re paying for a key fob to walk in the door.”

He’ll walk the prospect through an explanation of the gym’s foundations class. Vest will even offer them the option to come watch a class. “It’s really just getting them in the door to experience it, whether it’s watching it or participating in the class or getting signed up for our foundations class that we conduct once a month,” he said.

When it comes to answering “Why is it so expensive?” Vest has a page on his website. What it really boils down to is clearly laying it out for the person. He will explain they get coaching and programming. Plus, it’s an investment in preventative maintenance for their bodies. In fact, Vest had a Coach break down the price for him when he first started CrossFit; it was a big help and made him realize the value of what he was paying for.

Vest said it’s been a learning curve trying to combat these questions. The foundations class has helped as he’s added a large education piece to it. He will spend time educating members on what CrossFit is, the benefits of it and why it’s expensive.

Ultimately, Vest said if people see your passion when you’re answering their questions, it could go a long way. “Hopefully they can pick up on that,” he said. “This guy or this girl is very passionate about what he or she does. Obviously they put in the time and effort into research and educating and caring for their members.”

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