Another Reason Why You Need Community


Last week, I found out a friend has been struggling with his recent move to Texas.

He’s been living in Dallas for about four months and is back home for the holidays. I found him at the gym, and we caught up. That’s when he told me after his year-long lease was finished, he wanted to head back to Louisville, Kentucky.

I couldn’t help but be slightly dismayed at his announcement. He has only been there four months after all. As I proceeded to share with him my own experience of moving away from one life and into another, it made me reflect on the many beautiful things that have occured over the past 3.5 years.

However, I wasn’t always peachy-keen about living in the Bluegrass State. When I first moved to Kentucky, I wanted out in a year’s time. Even nine months in I was itching to leave. But as time progressed, two things happened: I fell in love with my job and I built a strong community. Slowly, all of these items fell into place and I started to leave loneliness behind. Now, 3.5 years later I don’t foresee me moving anytime soon – but life is funny so who knows?

The lesson though is this: Community is essential. It is so important and necessary. It wasn’t until I found community and a family that Louisville really became my home.

So, how does this apply to your Box?

Well, how doesn’t it apply to your Box? We all have heard – and said – that community is one of the core principles of CrossFit. Heck, it’s why many of you are still in business. You love your community. It has kept you afloat. It is one of the keys to why you do what you do every single day.

I suppose this is just a reiteration of that fact. It’s another chance – using my own life story as an example – to share how stinking important community is, and how it’s not going to just happen. It took work for me to build community. I had to seek it out and pour into friendships and all that jazz. It is going to take work to build an amazing community at your Box that will last through even the biggest storms and hairiest trials.

Community is a powerful tool your Box should not just be using, but growing and building continuously. It’s not going to just happen, Affiliate; so do something about it.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at