An Inside Look at CrossFit HQ, the MDL1 and the DDC

CrossFit HQ

Editor Heather Hartmann visited CrossFit HQ in March for the MDL1 and Derelict Doctors Club (DDC). She relates her experience below:

“The event kicked off with a breakfast for the DDC via food truck. Running into Craig Howard and Matt O’Keefe, I caught up on some of the latest industry news.

Howard and I discussed the changes of CrossFit, Inc. O’Keefe let me know about event updates with Wodapalooza, Dubai and more. After, we headed inside to be briefed on the weekend by Pat Sherwood.

From there, Dr. Richard David Feinman discussed the nutrition crisis and how obesity is primarily a response, not a cause. I managed to also sit down with Brian Mulvaney, the chief advisor at CrossFit, Inc., while the rest of the DDC either took a defense course or attended a cooking demonstration.

Lunch included discussions about how to get the word out about CrossFit Foundation and CrossFit Health. Both concepts have been around since the beginning, taking on a more formal structure later in the company’s life. I also chatted with Karen Thompson, the executive director – a.k.a. cruise director – of CrossFit Health about her role and her book, “Sugar Free.”

Dr. Terence Kealey gave a talk on how science can’t be trusted and how it needs to be kept honest. Then, poems and short stories were shared, a tradition at CrossFit, Inc. After, Pat Sherwood presented on training the 60-plus population. And finally, Dr. Robert Lustig capped off the talks to dive into more science and the politics of chronic disease.

While all of the above was happening, 40 doctors were being run through their MDL1. We did get to jump in the next day to hear Greg Glassman answer any questions they had. The weekend wrapped up with a dinner that night and, of course, lots of networking.

All in all, I was blown away by the weekend. If you have medical doctors in your Box, let them know about this opportunity.”

Here’s an inside look at the weekend:

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