An Ideal Partnership


“Enjoy the jump rope, Shug,” was written on a note that came along with Jessica Shugar’s newest purchase from Mil-Spec Fitness Gear. The owner of CrossFit Yards in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, said she instantly knew she would be recommending this company to other Affiliates for two reasons: One, because they gave her a quality piece of equipment, and two, because they added a personal touch. 

“That personalization with a sales rep gives you much more of a connection,” said Shugar. “I feel very comfortable promoting that jump rope to my athletes.”

Finding the right equipment companies to partner and work with can be a daunting task. You want the right price, great customer service and a multitude of other attributes in everyone you work with. 

That personal touch and connection is something you can’t put a price on, however. Shugar explained it’s something she looks for from the get-go before choosing a vendor. All the racks, benches and plyo boxes at CrossFit Yards were purchased through Christian’s Fitness Factory because after visiting the company, Shugar knew it was the perfect fit.

“Our sales rep gave us his personal contact information and asked me to shoot him a text if we needed anything,” explained Shugar. “That kind of thing — being able to reach somebody in person and let him or her know what you need — is very helpful. He has family nearby our facility, and he will stop by just to see how things are going or to bring new equipment over.”

On top of having a connection with the sales rep, buying equipment usually comes down to one thing for Affiliates: price. Getting a deal or catching equipment on sale can help immensely. Rather than paying top dollar, Shugar looks into the best way to get a deal before making a final purchase.

“We were looking for air bikes and we got a couple from Get RXd because they were having a special,” said Shugar. “Each bike we purchased came with a men’s Olympic barbell at no extra cost. That is something else I look for is deals or sales that can make the bang worth the buck.”

Another suggestion Shugar gave to consider before purchasing equipment is to ask around. Find out what companies other Affiliates work with and ask about their experiences. Safety is a priority for all Affiliates, which makes recommendations and reviews vital to create a better CrossFit community.

“A good resource for us is an Affiliate owner’s page on Facebook,” said Shugar. “I go on there all the time just to see if people have issues or what companies other people are using and what works best for them. That’s where I found a lot of information on best deals. The Affiliate group has been a blessing.”

All in all, equipment buying takes time. By weighing out deal options, finding the right company to partner with and asking for recommendations, you are ensuring your Box is equipped in the best way to support your athletes. 

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at