Affiliates React to 16.2

After the overhead walking lunges, 16.2 was a breath of relief to many Affiliates, logistically-speaking:

RX: 25 toes-to-bar, 50 double-unders, 15 squat cleans (135/85 pounds) in four minutes. If athletes beat the clock, they would get another round to be completed by the eight-minute mark. Men would increase their squat clean weight by 50 pounds and women by 30 pounds, but decreasing squat clean reps by two. Continuing in this pattern of increasing weights, decreasing reps and four-minute rounds, an athlete could potentially do five rounds until he or she reached the 20-minute time cap.

Scaled: 25 knees above hip crease, 50 single-unders, 15 squat cleans (95/55 pounds). If athletes beat the four-minute time constraint, men and women weights increased by 20 pounds, with the squat clean reps decreased by two. If men made it to the fifth round, the squat clean weight increased by 30 pounds.

Rather than the logistical nightmare, the time domains, the increasing weights and the combination of gymnastics, endurance and lifting really heavy stuff was the real challenge.

As Aaron Martin, the Affiliate of CrossFit Vector in Nashville, Tennessee, put it, “16.2 is like trying to outrun a speeding train on a bridge. It’s going to catch up to you and there’s nowhere to go. It’s just, run. You’ve just got to go like hell and hope you can outrun the train,” said Martin, quoting an analogy someone told him earlier that week.

Read how two Affiliates celebrate the Open in their respective gyms, and the strategies used to prepare members for 16.2:

Aaron Martin of CrossFit Vector

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Did you have any predictions for 16.2?
“Oh man, yeah. I’ve been wrong every week though. I’ve been expecting box jumps and deadlifts.”

What does your Box do as a community for the Open?
“Saturday mornings we do the Open. It’s kind of like a heat-style workout. We cancel our Saturday classes for that … Thursday nights, we do an Open announcement party — just kind of BYOB, pull some chairs out, pull the couch out. And then afterwards, on Saturdays, we do a little potluck, just a different theme [of food] every week and make it fun … We have a team trying to make it to Regionals, so they go on Friday morning and Monday morning as well for a redo. But for the most part, everybody is doing it on Saturday. We’ll have one Coach and then whoever wants to join and do it right after the announcements on Thursday.”

As the Affiliate of CrossFit Vector, how did you prepare your Box for the Open?
“Right around December, we started working on simple skills you see in the Open. We stopped using a lot of dumbbells, things like that … Really forcing standards, pushing people to move better specifically to Open standard. Not just training to get better or more fit, but training according to CrossFit HQ.”

 Do you suggest any strategies to your members for completing the workouts?
“We publish a warm-up that I come up with and then we’ll do a strategy talk and some mindset, things like that. We publish that through our own athlete Facebook page as well as our newsletter, so everybody is getting information. We’ll write it up on our whiteboard as well leading into the workout.”

Unlike 16.1, CrossFit did not have the scaled division performed with the elite athletes during the reveal. How did your members react to this?
“I didn’t hear that it came up. It goes back to appreciating ability and respecting effort rather than ability. That’s something that we push big time, is respecting effort. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s the elite guys out there or if it was just scaled athletes out there.”

Any predictions for 16.3?
“I have to stick with deadlifts and box jumps. That’s what I’m hoping for at least … Just looking at the programming the same way they teach programming in Level 1, just going through and tallying everything, it looks like box jumps and deadlifts are coming.”

Lindsey Marcelli of CrossFit Eminence 


Image by Scott Brayshaw

What does your Box do as a community for the Open?
“We have our gym broken into five in-house teams. Each team has a theme, a name, they dress up. And then every Thursday night, one team member from every team goes head to head right after the announcement. And then, all the teams come and cheer their team members on. And then Friday, we have it as like our regular WOD up until 5:30. And then at 5:30 at night, we have a bunch of up-lighting. So we shut all of our regular lights off and the gym is like multi-colored lights everywhere and you have music and food and potluck and drinks and all that, so it’s like a Friday night party. It’s a lot of fun.”

Before the Open, how did your Box prepare for the nation-wide competition?
“We talk about it a lot. And then we do an Open prep programming, free to anyone who wanted to do it. It was three additional workouts a week they can do at open gym times. Just stuff that’s a little bit higher gymnastics skills or more volume to get ready for it. One of our Coaches, he specializes in gymnastics. So he has been doing a ton of one-on-one’s with people, like 30-minute sessions, basically on muscle-ups, like things we know are coming but we don’t spend a lot of time on in a regular CrossFit class We programmed some of the Open workouts the last month, and did the same standards, right off the standards from the site. We did a couple classes like where we programmed 15.5 a couple weeks ago. And then partnered everybody up so they had a judge. Because some people had never been judged or have never had to judge, so just different stuff to get more of that environment leading up to the Open. It’s nerve-wracking having someone count your reps for you.”

In your opinion, how did 16.2 compare to 16.1?
“I think it was great. I think it was totally different. I liked that you could get heavy if you wanted too. It’s one of those workouts that you could easily redo if you wanted. The first one is 20-minutes long, everyone was pretty sore from that. Second one, maybe some people didn’t get out of the first four minutes. And so a four-minute workout, you could easily redo two days later … I think it was good one to test out double-unders …. We had a lot of people get their first toes-to-bar, they got their first double-unders.

Unlike 16.1, CrossFit did not have the scaled division performed with the elite athletes during the reveal. How did your members react to this?
“I don’t even think they noticed, really. They watched a live announcement and it was more about our members going head to head. I bet most members couldn’t even tell you who went head to head on the live announcement from the headquarters because half of them, they’re so new to CrossFit … you see Dan Bailey crushing out 315 squat Cleans with great form. Our members see that and that’s’ what they want to do.”

Any predictions for 16.3?
“Deadlifts and wall balls, with one rep max deadlift.”

Anything else you want to let Affiliates know about celebrating the Open?
“Focus on the fun and keeping the energy high. I think the energy always comes from the top down. Like if the owners aren’t in it, and the Coaches aren’t in it and having fun with it, nobody is going to have fun.”

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.