2017 Key Affiliate Insights: Part 2

Affiliate insights

Lessons learned can be incredible tools to propel your business forward. In Part Two of 2017 Key Affiliate Insights, Box Pro Magazine looks back on its cover stories of 2017, pulling essential highlights from the six Affiliates who shared about their journeys to success:


Who: CJ Martin
Affiliate: Invictus

Over at Invictus in San Diego, California, CJ Martin shared a three-part reason for his business’ success. “We give people the right information and then we support them, we follow through with them and we always encourage them to keep seeking out new goals and keep progressing,” he said.

But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy to find success or implement those three key elements. Martin said they have to constantly remind Coaches of what’s important, always working to build an environment of support and encouragement. “People can believe they’re great. Just like you can see athletes take steps backwards because they think they’ve made it. We see the same thing with Coaches,” he said. “We’ve just really put a lot of emphasis probably in the last 18 months again of really making sure our Coaches understand they need to be getting better every single day.”


Who: Case Belcher

Affiliate: Four Barrel CrossFit

For Case Belcher, he is driven by two words: try hard. Most of the success he has found in business has come out of simply following that rule of thumb. But it has also helped for him to adapt to how he defines success. “Changing your definition of success, work hard in your business, and let it change you and learn from your team and learn from your members,” he said. “I think that is going to benefit people personally as owners and leaders, and it’s going to also benefit their business in the long run.”

Plus, it’s also asking your Coaches for that same mentality of hard work. “Getting your Coaches to take part in your classes and programming, getting your Coaches to work with each other and share ideas, and then from a leadership standpoint just facilitating that stuff,” said Belcher. “That’s just something you have to be aware of and approach tactfully and find a way to encourage those Coaches to get back to putting a little more effort into class, checking out the programming in advance, making sure they’re prepared.”


Who: Theo Tsekouras

Affiliate: CrossFit H-Town

When hiring, Theo Tsekouras said to pay attention where a potential employee is skilled and where they are not. Sure, you might need something from a new employee, but they could very well suck at doing it. “Look to hire somebody on what their strongest skill sets are, not necessarily what you need, because you can always work those things in,” he said.

And always keep in mind the industry is ever changing. The demographics are different now than when he first opened, but Tsekouras’ dedication and mindset are still solid and determined despite not knowing what the future holds. “I couldn’t give you a definitive answer on which direction we decide to go,” he said of his business. “What I do know is my plan is to give everything I have to these two gyms and the people, and we just wait and see what happens.”

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.