Addressing the Main Issue of Nutrition


In the fitness world, claims, promises and guarantees are everywhere. But to actually transform your clients’ lives you need a success formula that includes a solution to what is frequently the main issue for clients: excess body fat.  

Performance gains are highly dependent on proper nutrition, whether the goal is muscle gain, fat loss or competing. Elite and performance athletes have always embraced nutrition as part of their training regimen, understanding without it, their performance would suffer.

Athletes and fitness customers formerly wanted to lose weight to “look and feel better,” but today they are more nutritionally savvy than ever before. They might not choose to eat properly, but they are definitely more educated. 

As a CrossFit Affiliate or gym owner, you know both regular physical activity and proper nutrition are necessary for the type of transformations and performance your athletes are looking for.  And yet, most gyms don’t provide this winning combination. 

Client retention can clearly be tied to results, and without results, wanderlust takes precedence and eventually business suffers. Even your customers know “you can’t out-train a poor diet,” and yet too few are addressing this head-on. 

Providing nutrition advice and suggestions is not enough. Your customers are looking for individual accountability and nutrition coaching. Customers want a complete “road-map” to their desired results. They want a program they can see themselves balancing within their unique lifestyle as a long-term solution. While short-term “community type-event” programs are a great lead generation tool, most people would thrive with a long-term one-on-one customized nutrition program and coaching. 

If your mission statement or core values include “changing lives,” providing a training program coupled with a proven nutrition program is the only way to actually make this happen. Most fitness experts agree nutrition is 80 percent of the solution. 

Therefore, if you are not offering a solid nutrition program you are not offering a 100 percent solution to your customers.

The best nutrition programs:

  • Are those that customers can see themselves following for a minimum of 28-plus days.
  • Provide education and accountability.
  • Make sense to customers and are easily implemented in your Box.
  • Are not reliant on products, but instead take a whole food approach that can be maintained by members.

Look for a nutrition program that supports how athletes nourish their bodies as they train with your Coaches. By considering nutrition as 80 percent of your business’ success and providing a solution for your athletes, you will be light years ahead of your competition in a very crowded space. 

What do you want to be known for?


By Carolyn Fetters. Carolyn Fetters is a former fitness facility owner of three SoCal locations and the CEO of Balanced Habits. Contact her at