Adding Programs for Added Business

Additional programs to your BoxThe business of CrossFit has proven to be a successful one up to this point. Most Boxes are doing well enough where they are bringing in a nice second income, at the very least. CrossFit appears to be more and more mainstream as the years pass. Despite the high price point, members believe they are getting their money’s worth. Boxes do a great job of offering an array of class times to suit the needs of athletes. Most Boxes are running CrossFit classes throughout the day. The main stream of income is from the CrossFit membership.

At the end of the day, CrossFit is just one specific type of exercise regiment. If there are people from your local community that are interested in other fitness options then why are you allowing them to go elsewhere to find it? This is not to say that you have to bring in every type of fitness program and offer those classes throughout the day. What you can do is offer different types of classes with a limited schedule to get new people to the Box while providing a new service for your existing athletes. Your current members may not want to have a CrossFit membership along with a yoga, bootcamp and Oly membership. However, offering classes that keep your current members excited about trying something new is beneficial for everyone.

Let’s start by making it clear that your Box may not be the hub for all types of fitness. The goal of adding programs to you Box’s schedule is to keep current members happy with the variety of offerings. CrossFit is not the end all, be all. CrossFit is what gets people in the door and what keeps them there, but it is not all that everyone is looking for. I hear athletes wishing for different types of fitness. This can include, but is not limited to, Oly, yoga, pilates, cycling, bootcamp, mobility and sport specific training.

The weekends are a great time to offer different types of fitness. The great thing about adding programs is that you can include them as you see fit. Maybe you want to run a four-week Oly program. Maybe you can run a yoga class on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Maybe you can run a 10-week athlete training camp. Maybe you can purchase five bikes and run cycling classes. The possibilities are endless.

These extra classes can be set up as a “pay as you go” system. Over time, $5 to $10 a class adds up. The goal is not to run a cycling, bootcamp, strength and conditioning and CrossFit facility. Instead, your motivation is to keep things fresh and interesting. The great thing about running these other programs is that they are not as intricate as CrossFit. New athletes that may want a class or two of yoga will start showing up to your Box. Bringing new faces to the Box is never a bad thing.

The more creative you are the better your programs will run. The success of your new programs will all depend on your dedication to them. Start to introduce these programs to your athletes on a month-to-month basis. If for one month, your bootcamp doesn’t generate interest then maybe you should offer something else. Just remember, as there are people that come to your Box to do CrossFit twice a week, there are probably people who want yoga or Oly twice a week.

In 2009, Ben Isabella received his C.S.C.S from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As well as being a strength and conditioning specialist, bootcamp instructor, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, he is a physical education teacher at Sayreville High School. Keep up to date with current fitness and nutrition info by following him on Instagram @Ben_Isabella.