How to Add in a Mobility WOD

mobility wod

While 95 percent of recreational CrossFitters might understand they should do more mobility, Dallin Frampton said the question is how to actually approach it.

“What do I do? How do I go about it?” he explained are the typical questions.

At his Box, CrossFit Spearhead in Holladay, Utah, they have decided to answer those questions for their members. Frampton explained they created about 40 videos, each 90 seconds and focusing on one mobility movement. In-house mobility instructor Katy explains the movements in the videos, and then encourages Coaches leading classes at Spearhead to take members through the stretches.

Creating Mobility Video Content

Putting together the videos was a production. Frampton said they went for high-quality videos and a large library of movements in order to push the Spearhead brand and show the community they are a group of professionals. “We wanted to put together some really professional looking videos that we can point our clients to in regards to any and all of their personal mobility needs,” he said.

Plus, the mobility library has become another revenue stream for Frampton. Spearhead has packaged the 40 videos and licenses them out to other gyms for $50 a month. Frampton said this provides gyms with easy mobility instruction at a low up-front cost.

Mobilizing the Conversation

But how do you make mobility part of the daily conversation at your gym? Spearhead offers a weekly mobility class on Wednesday nights. Plus, mobility is also part of the hour-long daily WOD, which has helped build the success of the program. “It’s a matter of making it precedent, making it important, giving it the attention it needs from the coaching staff and the owner standpoint, but also just looping it in to the class to ensure that it gets the least amount of resistance possible,” said Frampton.

With a coaching staff onboard the mobility train, Frampton said he didn’t have a hard time selling his members on the importance of mobility. “People understand it is important, it is for the longevity of their overall health,” he explained. “As long as you have a good group of coaching staff, they should understand the importance of it as well.”

How it’s Added Value

It also has created value in the business. Frampton aims to make Spearhead the tip of the CrossFit-spear in his community, leading the charge with new ideas and programs. And he suggested the best way other gyms make mobility a part of their culture is to simply focus on it. “[The] best tip of advice I would give is make it a priority, make a decision to make it a key element and a key part of the program, and relay the message of its importance,” he said.

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