How to Add Health and Nutrition to Your CrossFit Business

health and nutrition

Sprinkling health and nutrition programming in with your fitness offerings can help set your Box apart from the rest, get your clients outstanding results and bring in more profit. Let’s explore some practical ways to add health and nutrition into your CrossFit business model, thereby improving client outcomes and diversifying revenue streams.

The Discovery Assessment

Let potential members know at the outset your CrossFit gym is a one-stop wellness shop where they can get all the best CrossFit programming, plus health and nutrition guidance to help them reach their performance and weight goals.

One of the best ways to introduce members to your wellness programming is with a discovery assessment.

Your discovery session can include a functional movement screening and personalized recommendation for the health and nutrition package that best suits the client based on stated goals and assessed benchmarks.

Adding a discovery assessment to your on-ramp package is a great way to promote your health services, and it’s free, easy advertising for all the well-rounded services your facility provides.

You can also offer introductory group discovery sessions that educate clients on proper diet, fitness and lifestyle behaviors.

Health Coaching Starter Package

You can add a simple health coaching starter package for the first three months as part of your member services. Just make sure to up your overall membership fees by $25 to $50 per month to reflect this unique and valuable offering. As part of the free health coaching starter package, you can offer a series of nutrition/lifestyle handouts or a group health and nutrition workshop once a month or biweekly.

Health and Fitness Bundles

Bundling your fitness offerings with health and nutrition programs is a great way to round out a personal training program. Clients participating are more likely to reach their goals. In turn, client retention will improve and so will your client referrals, both of which are going to bring in additional profits.

Box owners may also want to consider offering an upgraded membership bundle that allows for a monthly nutrition coaching session. How you structure these sessions depends on the educational foundation of you and your trainers. Are trainers merely making nutrition suggestions off the cuff, or are they providing structured, well-thought out nutrition protocols and guidance for clients? How long are the sessions and is there email or text support? The more you provide, the more you can increase your rates.

Group Health Coaching

Group health and nutrition coaching is well suited for a CrossFit environment. It helps build a sense of camaraderie among your members. Research has shown when an individual makes a commitment toward their goals in front of a group, they feel a greater sense of responsibility to follow through. Participants also feel less alone and are often more open to learning from their peers.

Group health coaching is more affordable than one-on-one health coaching, and may prove to be more popular among your members who are already paying for other gym services. It works especially well with CrossFit’s small group fitness environment.

Consider offering a multi-week health coaching program that includes group sessions each week where members can discuss successes and challenges and ask questions, followed by nutrition, fitness and lifestyle teachings for that week.

Group Health/Nutrition Challenges

Group health and nutrition challenges are short-term health coaching bursts that typically last 21 to 30 days. They are a terrific way to inspire camaraderie and motivate people to get their health on track and go all in with a new way of living beyond the Box.

Group challenges work best when structured with weekly meetings and some sort of outside group engagement, such as a closed Facebook group where members can interact, compare results, cheer one another on and ask questions.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Workshops

Nutrition and lifestyle workshops should be targeted toward a topic(s) relevant to your membership base. Consider making nutrition and lifestyle workshops a regular part of your events calendar.

If you charge for these events, we recommend sending participants home with takeaways, such as handouts and books. Choosing not to charge for these events is perfectly fine, as long as you are using them as tools to promote your paid services. You can open up nutrition and lifestyle workshops to the public for promotional purposes.

Community-based Health Coaching Workshops

Hosting a pay-for-service, community-based health coaching workshop outside your gym has the potential to bring in substantial profit and attract new clients from a new demographic.

Keep in mind that workshops, challenges, group coaching and even individual coaching can be available to both members and non-members. However, to encourage people to join your Box, consider charging a higher fee for non-members.


By Laura Rupsis, Level 1 CrossFit CertifiedPrimal Health Coach Certified, the owner of Absolution CrossFit in La Grange, Illinois, and a sales manager of Primal Health Coach. Connect with Laura at 844.307.7662, or 310.579.6596.