A Weightlifting Inspiration

Be an inspiration.

In February, a video of Hafthór Björnsson carrying a 640 kilogram log for five steps went viral. The first several seconds of the video claims the feat hasn’t been done since the days of the Vikings.

You have to admit: Five steps with over 1,400 pounds on your back is not only impressive but inspiring.

Speaking of impressive, on Saturday I attended a USA Weightlifting meet here in Louisville, Kentucky. Now it’s safe to say that me attending the meet is in and of itself impressive. In the past six months I have been to more weightlifting meets then I have my entire life. I never would have gone to one of these before joining a Box. Something about living, breathing and eating CrossFit will do that to you.

However, watching each competitor stand up on that platform and throw weight around on Saturday reminded me once again of what humans can do. Sure, none of the men and women gave Björnsson a run for his money, but they were absolutely incredible nonetheless. The feats we can accomplish through training and believing in ourselves is astounding.

Later on that day, I happened to get chatting with one of the women who was competing at the meet. She told me how she got into weightlifting through CrossFit and the changes she has seen in herself since. Hearing her story and passion for the sport — and brushing off her persistence on how I should sign up for a weightlifting competition — was truly inspiring. However, if this was her two years after starting CrossFit, where could I be come my two-year CrossFit anniversary?

In fact, after so much awesomeness and inspiration, it’s no wonder I PR’d my Clean and Jerk yesterday. Watching the meet had left me feeling strong, able and believing I could. Oh, and an encouraging weightlifting buddy saying, “You can totally lift that,” was also helpful.

Now, I’m not saying you need to start dragging your members to weightlifting meets. Not everybody will find people Snatching hundreds of pounds entertaining and eye-opening. I’m also pretty sure if you force people to go, it will be eat-your-vegetables-because-I-told-you-so all over again.

However, what I am suggesting is a bit of inspiration. Especially in summertime when schedules are wacky and people tend to drop off in attendance, a bit of encouragement can go a long way. Now, whether that is sharing another member’s story, highlighting a challenge and the changes that can come from doing it, or dragging people to a weightlifting meet, what members find inspiring will vary for each person.

The important thing is remembering everybody needs to be inspired now and then. I’ve been inspired by the weightlifting meet, by my physical changes, and by my new Clean and Jerk PR. Now, I want to go to CrossFit every day and reach my pull-up and deadlifting goals in the next six months.

So, it’s time to make sure that you are more than just an Affiliate and a Coach. Be a Björnsson. Inspire.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.