A Weekend at CrossFit HQ

Greg Glassman conducted a Q&A at the CrossFit MD L1.

Nestled in the small mountain town above the coastal city of Santa Cruz, California, sits CrossFit HQ.

It’s a sprawling operation, with office space and staff communal areas on the second floor of the building. A gym along with the filming studio sit below. And from March 9-10, the entire space was bustling because the CrossFit MD L1 and the Derelict Doctor’s group (DDC) had come to HQ once again.

While the first one happened nearly a year ago, I had the privilege to attend the weekend-long events and witness some of the phenomenal things happening within the CrossFit community. Medical doctors of all practices, along with lawyers, CrossFit country managers, wellness experts, 10-year Affiliates and CrossFit, Inc. staff came together for two days of sharing and learning information.

In one room, 40 doctors took their Level 1. In another room, doctors and various others who had already received their Level 1 networked and listened to prestigious speakers as part of the DDC. Topics included chronic disease, the effects of sugar, training older obese populations and more. Although I can in no way do justice to those talks, I wanted to share some of the things that stood out to me:

  1. Obesity is not the problem; people die of metabolic dysfunction, shared Dr. Robert Lustig. In fact, he said obesity is the result of this, not the cause.
  2. Furthermore, Lustig shared about a study he recently conducted. They took fructose out of the diet of kids for nine days and replaced it with glucose. The kids lost liver fat and insulin levels went back to normal.
  3. Dr. Richard David Feinman spoke on the topic of “Nutrition in Crisis.” One point he made was that much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may be untrue. He urged the audience to be aware of this fact when consuming information. It only bolstered the idea on why CrossFit, Inc. is working hard to shed light on this.
  4. Dr. Terence Kealey also noted how science can’t be trusted and how when reading scientific papers one needs to ask, “How and why are these people lying to me?” 
  5. A great tip from Kealey on nutrition was simple: It’s carbs in the morning that are a problem. Eat something not carbs in the morning.
Dr. Terence Kealey answers questions during his lecture.

Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, also conducted a Q&A with the MD L1. Here are some of my top takeaways from his talk:

  1. He explained the new instructional videos on CrossFit.com with the infamous living room set in one sentence: “Your mom who is sedentary doesn’t want a fucking Olympic lifting set in her house, but we might get away with a water jug.”
  2. The “At Home” tab on the website is for the general audience as a resource for nutrition and fitness.
  3. He addressed the room: “You’re very different physicians, and anyone who sees you is lucky to have you,” said Glassman, as he estimates there are 20,000 doctors in the various Boxes. “You’re not alone,” he continued. “There’s a shit ton of you. Not a lot, but enough.”
  4. CrossFit, Inc. has been trying reach the underserved of CrossFit, which are the morbidly obese and bent over and old. That’s who they are working on figuring out how to serve now. “If you’d consider yourself the last person to workout, we want you,” said Glassman.
The living room set.
The living room set.

Those are some of my personal top takeaways from the weekend. Share it with your members, especially any physicians you may know in your Box. If they are interested in a CrossFit MD L1, have them email community@crossfithealth.comto get on the waiting list.

Stay tuned for upcoming stories from the weekend at HQ, including an in-depth look at Pat Sherwood’s take on training 75-year-olds, as well as an interview with Brian Mulvaney, the chief advisor at CrossFit, and his insight into the DDC.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.