A Look at CrossFit H-Town’s Layout

CrossFit H-Town

Over in Houston, Texas, CrossFit H-Town’s Arts District location has embraced its local community’s flare. Artistic touches are found throughout the space, in signs, storage and colors. Take a look inside H-Town, owned by Theo Tsekouras, to help spark some layout ideas for your gym:

The first splash of color you see when walking up to CrossFit H-Town is a metal sign that designates it as the Arts District location. Just around the corner from the gym you’ll find studios of artists, and if you’re walking by, you just might glimpse them working on their various projects.

The gym’s WOD area opens up onto a concrete patch, inviting members to work outside. With no air conditioning inside, it doesn’t make much difference temperature wise, so why not workout under the Texas sky?

The main WOD area boasts a rig, rings, ropes, wall ball and kettlebell racks, rowers, and more. H-Town has three rooms: a main lobby with two workout areas on either side of it.

H-Town got creative with its storage to make use of a smaller space. Whether it’s weights, wall balls or boxes – see the back wall – things are stored as vertically as possible.

The lobby is air-conditioned and sits between the two workouts rooms. Storage also got a creative touch here. Orange hive-like cubbies line the walls, as well as photos of the gym’s early days.

The second WOD area has lower ceilings and is used for more endurance and strength classes. There are several lifting platforms, as well as bikes and rowers. The “M” and “W” marks on the walls designate wall ball heights for men and women.

And that’s an inside look of Tsekouras’ CrossFit H-Town!

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.