A Box of Thriving Masters Athletes

masters athletes

This summer at the Reebok CrossFit Games, I met Dave and Darlene Prois.

We were chilling in the Affiliate Lounge and struck up a conversation. I found out they owned a Box there in Wisconsin. In fact, they had opened it as a retired couple. They were outliers from the typical CrossFit owners I meet, and it was great picking their brains.

I also found out Darlene had been a journalist. Even more, she was up to the task of blogging for Box Pro. And boy, am I glad she did. Her knowledge on masters athletes and what CrossCut CrossFit is doing to cater to that demographic has been incredible to read about. Who knew so much thought could go into one niche? It makes me wonder what would happen if more thought was given to other niches within the fitness industry?

After several blogs, I knew I needed to get Dave and Darlene on the podcast. So, here we are. An episode of Box Talk recorded that dives deep into CrossCut’s population and focus on masters athletes. Whether it’s how they equip the Box to cater to this demographic, or the various levels of programming offered to get every athlete on the same level while keeping everyone safe, the Prois are working to give masters athletes an awesome fitness experience.

In fact, something Dave shared during the episode really stood out to me. He explained as masters athletes they can do a lot. When he sees programs that severely limit the older segment of the population, it frustrates him. In his eyes, masters athletes can reach their own levels of intensity if provided the proper programming, coaching and recovery. They don’t have to be stuck practicing getting in and out of a chair. They can lift barbells and throw down with the rest of the CrossFitters.

So, as you listen to the episode, evaluate the demographics you’re serving. Do you have a masters athlete population? How are you reaching them? What are you doing to give them the same options for intensity and growth as your other athletes? Ask these questions and hopefully the episode can give you some answers.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.