A Better Way to Get Your Floors Clean

Bulldog Scrubber

There’s clean. And then there’s “Bulldog Clean.”

If you’re still pushing a mop around your gym, you know there is a better way to get your floors clean. You’ve shopped around, checked the discussion boards, but you are still left wondering: Is the Bulldog Scrubber really worth it? There are other scrubbers out there. What makes the Bulldog Scrubber the number one scrubber in fitness facilities across the nation with a reputation all its own?

For over a decade, the Bulldog Scrubber has been transforming the way fitness facilities clean their floors with superior time saving, deep-cleaning capabilities. This high-quality, American-made machine is wheel driven and battery operated. That means there is no cord to trip on, and the weight of the heavy battery actually helps create a more even cleaning path on the mats. Brush driven machines, as opposed to wheel driven like the Bulldog, can be incredibly difficult to maneuver on mats. You want a scrubber to make your life easier, not one you’ll be frustrated with every time you clean your floors.

A floor scrubber is an investment, and one that needs maintenance and care. Being made in America means if your Bulldog Scrubber needs a repair, there’s no extended waiting period for parts which may happen if your machine is instead manufactured across the world. With the Bulldog Scrubber, chalk, sweat and other residues are removed from mats with forceful down pressure, a high speed rotating brush and powerful vacuum system.

When your gym is clean, members notice. A quality machine delivers consistent results for years. Invest in your business with the trusted power of the Bulldog Scrubber. Proven to reduce cleaning times and increase cleanliness, the Bulldog Scrubber is the top choice floor scrubber for Affiliates across the country.

Discover the ‘Bulldog Clean’ difference for yourself today.