CrossFit 865 Chooses Top of the Line with Power Systems

Power Systems

While your Box’s facility might be barebones in structure, its insides are often full of equipment.

But where does your equipment come from? Is it a company that you have a connection with? Or is it a distant seller who doesn’t care if anything goes wrong?

Erin Gray, an owner/manager of CrossFit 865 in Lenoir City, Tennessee, said their partnership with Power Systems started simply because they were a local company. However, it’s continued based on so much more.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much Power Systems really listens to their customers and how they try to anticipate the future needs of customers,” said Gray. “Feedback from customers is something they really value, and it makes me feel like this is a true partnership.”

Below, Gray shares what their partnership with Power Systems has looked like at CrossFit 865 and why other Affiliates wouldn’t have any regrets in partnering with the equipment company:

BP: Why did you partner with Power Systems?

EG: We partnered with Power Systems, initially, since they are right in our backyard. As a small business owner, I wanted to keep things local as much as possible. It was great when the Open came around last year and that while all the Affiliates were scrambling to get dumbbells, we weren’t. Power Systems ran a discount promo for dumbbells and we were able to pick them up between classes, stress free and cheaper than other companies. Another reason we partnered with Power Systems is their sales team gets it. Most of the time I use their awesome website to shop, but when I call,  I never get the feeling they are in a hurry and it is nice to speak to a human being when we have questions.

BP: How have you partnered with them?

EG: In addition to buying Power Systems products, we’ve partnered with them to host photo shoots for their products catalogs and marketing materials. We’ve also hosted an Obstacle Course Race Pop Up workout with Power Systems Ambassador, Yancey Culp. It was incredible. We had folks coming in from all over to try the workout, and it was a great taste of the adventure race world for our members that have never been exposed.

BP: What benefits have you seen for your business? For your members?

EG: From hosting the photo shoots we’ve got to see all the new products before they hit the market – there’s something new every time. Our members get to try the products before anyone else, and some of them have even been featured as some of the models. For my business, these new products help keep things fresh and exciting. We love to offer top of the line, inventive equipment and to incorporate new modalities into our programming. Our members comment they love something outside of the box – pun intended.

BP: Is there anything else the Affiliate should know?

EG: Other Affiliates should know they won’t be sorry when they choose Power Systems products. When you are choosing Power Systems you are choosing top of the line products, quality customer service and a company that wants to walk alongside of you as you serve your members. When you choose Power Systems you aren’t getting just a name brand: You’re getting so much more.

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