Tips to Prevent Theft at Your Box


Security cameras aren’t allowed in locker rooms by law, which inevitably makes them an easy target for theft. It is important for Boxes to make sure their locker rooms, cubbies and bathrooms are secure.

To ensure your gym isn’t held liable for anything that happens to get stolen or damaged, try putting up a sign to inform all the athletes about your policy. Inform your members you will put any lost objects in a Lost and Found section. At a certain date each month, consider donating those items if they haven’t been claimed so the box doesn’t begin to pile up.

Here are a few tips to make sure the next time your athletes walk into your Box they leave with all the belongings they came with:

Know Who is in Your Building

Try limiting access in your facility to members, registered guests and workers. If an unknown individual is consistently coming in or your staff is questioning their motives, there is nothing wrong with asking for a form of identification.

Staff or Patrol Locker Rooms

If you don’t have enough staff to have someone consistently monitoring the locker rooms, try having a member of your staff frequently circulate to add a set of eyes during classes. Try to schedule these visits at various times so there is no set schedule someone could learn.

Video Surveillance Your Common Areas

Have a space where members enjoy hanging out? Or a hallway that leads into your bathroom or locker rooms? Put a video camera in these areas to ensure every person walking by is caught on camera. If something does turn up stolen rather than lost, you will be able to see who was in this area during that time frame.

Encourage Members to Leave Valuables at Home

Most importantly, try and promote leaving laptops, jewelry or other costly items at home to your athletes. Train members to always be alert if they do bring these items, just in case something occurs.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at