9 Lessons Learned from 2019 Gym Profiles

During 2019, Box Pro highlighted one gym every month.

In each profile, the owners have answered the question, “What is one lesson you have learned that other Affiliates would find beneficial?”

Below, you can read the various lessons learned from some of the 2019 profiled Affiliate owners and gyms. It’s never too late to learn a lesson and implement something new.

Josh Nimmo of MetroEast Fitness and Performance


Lesson Learned: “Being a great Coach will not make you a great business owner. If you started your Affiliate because you loved to coach people, that’s great, but you better figure out how to love running a business or you won’t last long.” Read it.

Kathryn Lewis of CrossFit KLEW

Lesson Learned: “The conflict between running a business and being part of a CrossFit community is no simple thing. On the one hand you want to be close to all your members; on the other hand, running a Box should be a business and not a hobby. Over time you will find the appropriate balance, but along the way it will be a learning experience that might be a bit of a rollercoaster.” Read it.

Marc Cox of CrossFit Belmont

Lesson Learned: “Develop your Coaches. I can’t imagine doing this by myself, so my Coaches are the key to success and longevity. Coach Glassman has spoken of the Starbucks model in the past. Put a Box on every corner, and the athletes will find the best Coaches and go there. That mindset has worked well for us since we opened, and I don’t plan on changing.” Read it.

Robby Blanchard of CrossFit Reach

CrossFit Reach

Lesson Learned: “Biggest lesson is treat your gym like a business. Too many Box owners don’t focus on the fundamentals of business, and that’s why they suffer and struggle. As a gym owner, it’s your duty and obligation to be successful because the more successful you are, the more people you are helping. They go hand in hand, so to not take your business seriously and make it successful is selfish.” Read it.

Ashley Mitchell of Adroit CrossFit

Adroit CrossFit

Lesson Learned: “We contribute our success to a lot of hard work, a lot of tenacity, not taking ‘no’ for an answer, and of course, a lot of support from our family and friends. It takes a little bit of gumption to open any business, especially one with this much overhead, and you have to have a little bit of recklessness inside of you to take the big risks.” Read it.

Geo Rockwell of Industry Athletics

Industry Athletics
Images courtesy of Industry Athletics

Lesson Learned: “Evaluate and follow up with your staff. The more I watch class, give feedback and take class, the better the staff becomes. In turn, the better athletes become … Feedback can be hard to give and receive, but if it is part of the coaching processes, your gym will become exponentially better.” Read it.

Ashley Jenkins of CrossFit Pushin Weight

CrossFit Pushin Weight

Lesson Learned: “Benchmark with other businesses that are not fitness related. Think of how Mercedes, Chick-Fil-A, Ritz Carlton, and other businesses with strong brands show up online, in person and treat their clients. Details and consistency matter when building a strong brand.” Read it.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.