Wilde Brands Introduces New Chips This Fall

Wilde Brands

Wilde Brands is a leading innovator of meat snacks made from grass fed, free range and humanely raised animals. Handcrafted from premium lean meats and super foods, Wilde Bars are slow roasted to perfection, resulting in culinary flavors you can actually taste and a tender texture like no other meat snack.

Email wholesale@wildebrands.com to try a free sample. Follow this link to visit Wilde’s website and learn more about the all new Thin & Crispy Wilde Chips coming this fall!

Wilde was founded on the principle that meat snacks can be healthy without falling short on taste. In 2013, Founder Jason Wright was training for a marathon and was always trying to get the best of both worlds with his nutrition. Animal protein from his favorite jerky and complex nutrients from traditional nutrition bars all the while keeping it portable, tasty and easy to digest. He went as far as wrapping energy bars in jerky which, without fail, would fall apart around mile six.

Struggling to find the perfect combination of meat protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, he reached out to his best friend Derek who happens to have a kitchen for an office. Derek, a food innovator and chef, loved the idea of creating portable healthy meat snacks. That summer they teamed up and made it their mission to create the best tasting, most innovative protein snacks possible using the best ingredients they could find.

Live a little Wilder each day. Stay Wilde! Be Boldr!