8 Tips for Business Growth During COVID-19

business growth during COVID-19
Image courtesy of CrossFit South Bay

Change is in the air across the country, especially in California.

On July 13, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an indoor reclosure order for gyms in many counties across the state. Forrest Jung, the owner of CrossFit South Bay, is located in LA County, one of the areas that has had to take fitness business outdoors.

They still have to follow social distancing guidelines and many wear masks. On top of this, the gym has been recording everyone who is at the gym every hour, provides hand sanitation for members and Coaches, and is operating at 40% capacity. And despite all of that, Jung said they currently have a waitlist to join.

How has he grown when other gyms are shutting their doors permanently? There are several pieces to it that he was willing to share with other owners:

  1. First and foremost, the trick to growing in uncertainty is managing your mindset. “It can be extremely frustrating to have rules changed on you week after week,” shared Jung. “The important thing is to try and find the opportunity in the chaos. Instead of getting upset — allow yourself to feel upset for 90 seconds max — ask yourself what advantages do you have given the current circumstances. Get creative. Be enthusiastic and show your client base that adversity does not defeat you. Enthusiasm is contagious.”
  2. Jung also noted it’s good to look ahead at your options. “I knew at the beginning of 2019 that expanding into remote or online coaching was how I wanted to expand my business,” he said. “I spent 2019 learning how to deliver and market online. That ultimately saved my business during the first three-month shutdown. Not only did it save my current membership, but it also helped me grow into more high ticket one-on-one and small group online coaching.”
  3. Sometimes, the business game is about survival. Jung noted there will be times you will have to bite the bullet and take the short-term loss to get the long-term win. “Minimize your casualties and focus on long-term growth,” he shared.
  4. Don’t forget to build relationships with your city officials and law enforcement. Jung has had the cops called on him for not following regulations multiple times, and multiple times the police have assured him the gym’s procedures are meeting the county guidelines. “Make sure you are constantly reaching out to your city officials, so you are being proactive with the new regulations each week,” he said. “The more you develop a relationship with them, the more likely they are to leave you alone.”
  5. Always have a Plan B and a Plan C.
  6. Use ‘group think’ to your advantage. For example, Jung said if you have a group of people who are following your new rules, take a video of them and praise them on social media. Others will follow.
  7. Be grateful. “A lot of people have lost their jobs and their businesses,” said Jung. “Be grateful your Coaches and members stuck with you. Show them love every single day, even on the days they spill chalk. Celebrate small wins for yourself and everyone else.”
  8. And finally, it comes down to being a leader. “If you don’t know what it is, fake it till you make it,” said Jung.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.