8 Things Your Coaches Can Do to Be Better


Coaches. Instructors. Class leaders. Teachers. Whatever your Box calls them, they can make or break your business. Members will stick around for good Coaches and flee to your competitors due to bad ones. Here are a few things we promote with our Coaches at CrossFit Mayview on a daily basis so our members get a productive experience at our Box:

1. Be on Time

Arrive for your class at least 30 minutes before it starts. People like coming in early to the Box to hang out, drink a coffee or just wind down from the regular day routine. No one likes to wait in the car for an instructor to arrive five minutes before class.

2. Explain and Demo Every Movement for Every Workout

No matter if Rich Froning or Pee-wee Herman signs up for a class, our Coaches explain and go through all the movements for a class – buy-in, WOD and cash-out. “Instructor” is a derivative of “instruction.” Don’t be lazy. Do your job.

3. No Toys

No phones, no iPads and no food while teaching. It’s 60 minutes. You can handle it without communicating with the outside world. Folks are paying you to pay attention. It’s never a good thing if someone snaps their leg while you’re checking your email for the status of your latest Rogue order or stuffing your face with three protein bars.

4. Be Active

Walk around the floor while teaching. No sitting on benches, boxes or med balls. We tell our instructors to give some sort of teaching “cue” or encouragement to athletes every 10 seconds or so during the workout. People like to be instructed and paid attention to, whether experienced or not.

5. Block Out Ongoing Distractions

Chitchatting with others off the floor, taking a phone call or playing with your belly button while you’re coaching shows a lack of respect for those in your class. Also, go to the bathroom before class. No one likes to look around wondering, “Where in the hell is the instructor?”

6. Lose the ‘Tude

We all know you’re an instructor. Congratulations. Be approachable. Know the names of your members. Ask them how they’re doing and compliment them for their hard work.

7. Help

Assist members in setting up and putting away weights, bars and other items. Also spot mop for the next class if time permits. No one wants to see you act like the Grand Poobah – new folks are already intimidated enough by CrossFit.

8. Stick Around

Unless you are coaching the next class or have to get somewhere, don’t bolt the Box immediately after the workout. Socialize and answer any questions your athletes may have. CrossFit prides itself on its community. Be a part of it.

Ron Del Duca is a business lawyer with over 30 years’ experience and is also the owner of CrossFit Mayview in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He can be contacted at 412.722.2552 or ron@delducalawoffices.com.