8 Attributes Translating from Physician Practices to a Box

Physician Practices

What does your Box have in common with a physician’s practice? It may be more than you think.

In a recent study, healthcare professionals from across the country identified eight characteristics most associated with successful, profitable physician practices[i], and I think their findings apply equally well to CrossFit Boxes.

By simply replacing the word “patients” with “members,” and dropping the word “medical” from “medical staff,” I translated their recommendations into CrossFit terms below. Take a look and see how your Box stacks up:

1. More Members:

Beyond the straight revenue impact, people want to be part of something that feels active, dynamic and growing. Rather than focus on acquisition targets for the whole Box, set modest growth goals per person on the staff. A few new members per associate per month may not seem like a lot, but if sustained makes a big difference over the long term.

2. Continually Monitor Satisfaction

Of current members and a great member experience starts with happy, motivated staff, and your staff have a better work environment when they’re working with happy, engaged members. Together it’s a virtual cycle that creates a better overall product and cuts costly turnover on both sides of the counter.

3. Communicate More

With both members and with staff. Use regular communications to keep your team focused on key operational priorities, and to keep your members in the loop on plans and programs. Actively collect and respond to feedback from both members and staff to give everyone an increased sense of belonging.

4. Never Stop Learning:

When your employees are encouraged to continually build their knowledge and skill sets they feel more confident, take more pride in their work and are more loyal. Members notice the difference in the quality and commitment they see from your team.

5. Stay Attentive to Finances:

First, set a budget and stick to it. Work with your accountant to identify weekly and monthly metrics that help you and your team stay on track so your financial health is an every day thing, and not something you save for an annual check-up.

6. Optimize Staff Counts:

In the healthcare world, cross training helps ensure all operational roles are supported while minimizing redundancies or idle staff. Staff members feel more ownership when they get out of their silos, and most say they prefer being busier to being slower. Is the same true for your Box?

7. Continually Update Equipment:

Small, incremental improvements let you explore different technology to see where you’re getting the most value with your members and staff. At the same time, it minimizes the need for major capital purchases, keeps things fresh for your members and staff, and shows you’re investing in them.

8. Make Members Feel Like They Really Belong:

Membership needs to be about more than a monthly debit card payment. The more control members feel over their workout experience, and the more involved they become in Box activities, the more they’re likely to stay and invite friends to join.

[I] Leslie Kane, “8 Traits of a Successful Medical Practice: MGMA 2018” Medscape. Oct 03, 2018.

Michael McLinden earns his road rash as a serial entrepreneur, and consultant to health, wellness and fitness related companies in the U.S. and Europe with a focus on market analysis, branding and value creation. He has held executive management and strategic planning responsibilities in a number of regional and global advertising and marketing firms, including Mc|K Healthcare, which he co-founded and ran until 2014. He holds an MS from Purdue University and an MBA from TIAS Nimbas business school in the Netherlands. Email him at mmclinden@miscopeto.com.