7 Things You Should Not Have in Your Box

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As a Box owner, we all pride ourselves on servicing our members and promoting a community atmosphere. Sometimes, things can get out of control. The following are real-life examples of when you just have to say, “No more.”

  1. Free Roaming Pets. We all love Fido, but allowing untrained pets – dogs, cats, rhinos – to roam around the Box can be both a nuisance and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Keep pets tied up if they must be present in the gym. Sure it’s cool to have a dog as a mascot, but no one wants a wet nose in their crotch area when they are in the middle of doing deadlifts – this actually happened at a Box I visited during 17.4 this year.
  2. Allowing People Who Have Never Done CrossFit to do CrossFit. As owners we have all been there: a member brings his friend in and asks if his buddy can join the class because “he works out a lot and has done CrossFit before.” When queried further about his CrossFit experience, friend provides such responses as “I do it in my garage,” “I watched it on TV” or “I do the Steel Buns workout.” Not only are these folks potential lawsuits, but their participation in  the class drags your Coach away from your regular paying members. Suggest they try your beginners’ class.
  3. Shoeless Participants. It’s not a beach. It’s not your living room. It’s not yoga. Class members need to have shoes on. Plus feet are ugly – no one wants to see them.
  4. Chronically Late Members. You know the person. They always come in 5 to 10 minutes late to class. Laughing and giggling and apologizing for the 90th time they are sorry for being late. In the meantime the people who came to class on time now have their instruction and/or warm-ups interrupted by Tardy Tammy or Late Larry. Tell the member in a nice way they must start coming on time – if they don’t they will have to wait until next class. Your members will respect you for it.
  5. Athletes that Don’t Focus on the Coach. Your Coach is explaining the workout to the class, but an athlete peels off and starts setting up his or her workout equipment during the instruction. After that, the athlete then starts a conversation with another class member while the Coach is still talking. The athlete then decides to walk away and change his or her shoes, annoying everyone. Remind members that they should give the Coach 100 percent of their attention during workout instruction. It’s for their betterment.
  6. Real-Time Social Media. No member texting, IM-ing, Face Timing, selfie taking or any use of any communication devices while participating in a class. No explanation needed. It’s a workout facility, not a nightclub.
  7. Obscene Music. Unless it’s a private training session, music with lyrics that constantly refer to body parts, racist words, and/or people doing unnatural things to each other, animals or inflatable dolls, shouldn’t be played during class. You don’t have to play Beethoven, but try to keep it somewhat clean so as not to make members – and in some cases their kids who are waiting for them – uncomfortable. Tupac was a gangsta. You’re not.

Ron Del Duca is a business lawyer with over 30 years’ experience and is also the owner of CrossFit Mayview in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He can be contacted at 412.722.2552 or ron@delducalawoffices.com.