7 Days of Hand Care

hand care

Ah, hand care. You have probably been told multiple times to take care of your hands, but what does that actually entail? Do you actually know what to do to take care of those gainz mitts? You know neglecting your hands can lead to a slew of issues like painful overgrown calluses, soreness and of course, ripped hands. Let’s be honest: ripped hands make for a cool social media picture, but are 110 percent not functional in everyday life and can be prevented.

We are going to break down a typical week of hand care for someone who goes to the gym four times a week and respects their hands. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information; time spent on hand care will only take 5 to 10 minutes a day.

The key points to remember are prep, protect and repair. Tools needed are an all-natural skin care product with healing properties, antibacterial soap, callus shaver, pumice stone and buffer. Let’s get started:


Sunday- Prep Day

Start by washing your hands with an antibacterial soap of your choice and dry thoroughly. Next, you will need to remove dead skin build up and overgrown calluses. This can be done by using a callus shaver or pumice stone, depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. Shave or pumice all your calluses — don’t forget your fingers — until smooth, but be cautious not to overdo it. Lastly, repair with your choice of an all-natural skin care product.

Pro Tip: Apply generous amounts of product and sleep with a glove or sock on your hands for serious overnight healing power.

Monday- Day 1 in the Gym

Protect your hands if necessary during the workout. Post workout, wash hands with antibacterial soap and use the same all-natural skin care product to repair your hands from the beating just given to them.

Tuesday- Off Day

Use the same all-natural skin care product if your hands feel dry and achy.

Wednesday- Day 2 in the Gym

Prep your hands for a heavy gymnastics day by using a pumice stone or buffer pre-workout and use proper protection during the workout (i.e. gloves, grips or tape). Cleanse post workout with antibacterial soap and repair with the same all-natural skin care product.

Thursday- Off Day

Repair with all-natural skin care product, multiple times if your hands are feeling the day before. Check thickness of calluses and if needed, shave or pumice them but once again, be cautious not to overdo it!

Friday- Day 3 in the Gym

Repeat Monday.

Saturday- Day 4 in the Gym

Repeat Monday.


Use the above more as a guideline to make your own skin care routine and stick to the basics. Prep, protect and repair.

How do you determine if you should shave or pumice your calluses? If you can pinch up a callus with your nails, shave it. Otherwise use a pumice stone. Over shaving/pumicing calluses can lead to thin skin that rips easily, so limit use of shaving to twice weekly and pumicing three times weekly. Learn your skin and what works best for you.

If you are just starting to develop calluses, use a buffer and gradually move up to a pumice stone and callus shaver.

Also note the manufacturer’s directions on any products you use because some will recommend your skin to be wet/dry when shaving or using a pumice stone.


By Ashley Sargiotto, the president and founder of WOD Repair Lotion. For further information or questions, Ashley can be reached at info@wodrepairlotion.com or 916.660.2724.