Successfully Rename and Rebrand Your Gym

Rebranding and Rename you box

Getting your gym name out into the community can be one of the hardest things to do as a new gym owner. Once that name becomes well-known, changing it seems to be the last thing you would want to do, but more often than not rebranding becomes a commonality.

On, “The How-To: Rebranding Your Business” by Amy Frengley said a rebrand is much more than just changing cosmetic fixtures, such as changing a logo or getting new business cards. “It can and should also be a strategically led endeavor, and reach into the realms of tone of voice, vision, mission, values and other non-visual elements too, not just the tangible touch-points,” wrote Frengley.

It is imperative to be ready for change once you make the decision to rebrand. You may feel that certain aspects of your previous brand were perfect, which may no longer be the case with the new brand. Change is coming to nearly every aspect of your business with this rebrand, and it is important to be prepared to act immediately once you make the decision.

On, “How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business” author Carolyn M. Brown wrote in the article that one of the most important things to remember when going through a rebranding process is just to simply talk to people. “Find out what your customers like and don’t like,” wrote Brown. “How hard is it to do business with your company? What would they suggest; do you need a little revamping or a major overhaul? Have you clearly communicated your positioning? Do you have good price value? Where do you rate in terms of customer satisfaction and brand differentiation? Your market research, both qualitative and quantitative will be able to help you answer some of these questions.”

Here, Jason Khalipa, the owner of NC Fit — formerly NorCal CrossFit — answers a few questions about what he went through as his gym made their rebranding change.

BP: What made you all decide to change your name and brand?

JK: “We were no longer only in NorCal, we also don’t only offer CrossFit. This reflected our brand direction better.”

BP: What was that process like, in terms of the ways you had to go about the change at your gym?

JK:“We communicated first with staff the ‘why’, then our members through a video, then to the public. This was a conversation that lasted a long time and everyone in the organization was on board. “

BP: Have you seen positive reactions from clients and members? Any specific responses?

JK: “The response has been either positive or no response. Most members don’t care what the gym is called, they just love the coaching and community. To the outside community we are able to create a vision of our brand that we want.”

BP: Do you have advice to offer other Affiliates who may be thinking of rebranding or going through a name change?

JK: “I think they need to evaluate what their brand is and where they want it to go. Once they map this out they need to determine if their company name aligns with that vision.”

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