Lean Machine

nutrition program

When she opened CrossFit Peabody in 2012, Holly Leonard also launched the 30-Day Fat Loss Program.

“Coming from a personal training background and working with a lot of clients interested in weight loss, I knew that was the No. 1 thing missing from personal trainers, that nutrition piece,” explained Leonard.

Using her own experience — she lost 25 pounds in three months through diet, exercise, research and education — Leonard said developing this nutrition program has been a passion project.

Today, the 30-Day Fat Loss Program has rebranded itself into the Lean Machine 30-Day Fat Loss Program. And it has branched beyond CrossFit Peabody into 12 other Affiliates around the country. And Leonard said expanding the knowledge beyond her and her members was the goal.

Affiliates who offer The Lean Machine in their Box become licensees of the program. Before challenging members to do the program, Leonard coaches the Box owners on how to “ramp up” the program in their respective Boxes. And everything else – the marketing, branding and website – is all done for the Affiliates. “They purchase the license program and they can literally start making money that day. But it’s not just, ‘Hey, buy this program and then you’re on your own.’ There’s coaching and consulting from me. We would start with a phone call. I would get them ramped up, we do a coaching implementation, for them to be successful with that program,” said Leonard.

She also encourages Affiliates to try the 30-day program themselves before offering it to their members. The first group of Affiliates she worked with took her up on the challenge and have seen benefits in physical composition and PRs. “One of the guys, he just qualified to go to the Games for the Masters, he did the Lean Machine, and is currently doing it and he’s like, ‘That’s a game changer. I’ve never would have been able to place to go to the Games,’” said Leonard.

The Lean Machine is offered three times a year: January, April and September. Leonard said she’s tried many dates at CrossFit Peabody, and her membership determined these were the best times of year to offer a nutrition program.

While the physical benefits of nutrition will benefit a membership, she explained offering a nutrition challenge through your Box could also provide an additional revenue stream. Last Spring, CrossFit Peabody saw $10,000 to $13,000 in additional revenue just from the Lean Machine Challenge. “Looking at the results in the revenue, and more so the results and what people are not offering their members, that was really my motivation for wanting others to get this in their gyms,” said Leonard.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.