5 Ways to be Ready for New Members

Are you ready for new members?

We’ve all been there. It’s Dec 31 and you barely squeezed into your favorite sweater. Now, you’re contemplating your New Year’s resolution. Get in shape? Lose a couple pounds? Yes and yes. But are you ready for new members?

Your current offerings are already dedicated to helping people get healthier, so you’ll be seeing an onslaught of new business in the New Year.

Sounds awesome, right? But is your business ready to handle all the new sign-ups and renewals, let alone all the questions and follow-up that comes with those things?

Make sure you’re as efficient as possible. Getting set up with business software that makes it easy to manage clients, schedules, payments, email marketing and more is non-negotiable.

  1. Get your online scheduling ready

When people are looking for help with their resolution and they find you, how are they going to sign up? Make it as easy on them and you as possible. If potential new members can tap a couple buttons online to choose, enroll and pay for your services, they’re more likely to do it. Meanwhile, you’re saving time that was previously spent answering the phone, managing schedules, taking payments and inputting easy details.

You’re going to be busy, so the easier it is for customers to sign up and pay online ahead of time, the better.

  1. Easily increase communication 

Email marketing is critical to increasing awareness of new classes, specials and details about your business. Using email marketing software to create campaigns makes it simple to shoot out a campaign to your whole client list or a targeted group.

  1. Streamline the check-in process

Time is money and you don’t want to waste time checking in clients. Have an iPad check-in kiosk ready at the front of your business for pre-registered customers to quickly sign themselves in. This frees you up to greet new members or help clients with questions without creating a bottleneck. Even better, have one iPad for each purpose. When new clients walk in the door, you can give them an iPad to create their profile, take a quick picture and sign in to a class. And at the same time, current clients are able to sign in on the second iPad.

  1. Be professional

Impress every person that goes to your website or new member that walks through your doors. Having a sleek system branded to your business provides instant credibility.

  1.  Keep the new clients around 

And don’t forget, just as important as getting new clients is keeping them around. Don’t let them fade away as their New Year’s Resolutions get pushed to the side. Follow these 5 hacks to increase client engagement and make sure your staff members are client retention specialists.


By Front Desk HQ. For more information, visit http://www.frontdeskhq.com.