5 Tips on Using Google Drive

Google Drive

Can you imagine having all of your documents, spreadsheets, etc. in one place, accessible from anywhere?

Google Drive is one of several options that allows for this – and one of the best parts is it’s free. It is a site that can hold your files; plus, it allows you and your team to access and use spreadsheets and documents the same time, keeping them up-to-date with the changes made. And when you’re logged in to Google, you have access to gmail, Google Calendar and more. All of this can link up and work with Google Drive as well.

If you use Google Drive to organize your business, the below tips might be old news. However, there’s always more to learn about the system. Check out the five tips below and ask if Google Drive is right for your Box:

1. Add Collaborators

You can share a document, folder, spreadsheet, etc. with your staff. You can also create a Google Group to avoid sharing the document to multiple single emails. Every person in the group, and anyone you add in the future, will be able to access what you’ve shared. And you can open up the chat bar to talk with other collaborators.

2. Publicly Share Documents

Want to use a spreadsheet on Google Drive to have your members sign up for a fundraiser? You can share a link to the document on your Facebook page or in an email, noting on your end whether you want to give them “view only” access or the ability to edit the file.

3. Saving Drafts

Google Drive saves revisions and edits to your documents. You can revert to old versions of a document or sheet anytime. That way with multiple people working in a document, you can remember what’s been added or deleted.

4. Go Offline

Did you know you can save some of your documents offline? You can edit and view files without the internet, which can come in handy on long road trips or flights.

5. Search It

You can search for any file or document in Google Drive with its nifty Search Drive function. No more losing files in a folder that can often act like a black hole.

Whether you’ve used Google Drive before or not, it might be time to give it a try. Test it out and see how it would benefit your business. Getting organized can only do good for your gym.

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