5 Tips on Running a Successful Challenge


Now that January is here, people are looking down at their waistlines and wanting to make a change.

So as Box owners what should we do? Offer a free intro class? Maybe a six-step class into barbells?

No! You should run a challenge. Why? Because people love challenges.

Here’s the thing: the general population are not laying in bed at night unable to sleep and thinking, “Oh man, if there was just some way that I could attend a free intro class somewhere I’d feel so much better about myself!” Heck no. People are awake at night because they don’t like the way they look, their self esteem is down and they are desperate to make a change. And a challenge appeals to those pain points – remember, sell the results, not the benefits.

So having said that, here’s how to run a successful challenge this year:

1. Set Up Your Funnel

Don’t Send People to your regular website. Send them to a funnel. A funnel is essentially a one page site that has nothing on it but one offer, your challenge. And on that page you’ll have testimonials, before and afters and success stories because remember, you are selling the result.

By doing that you focus the prospects attention and that’ll increase the chances wanting to do it.

And on that page you are not going to even give them a place to buy. Nope, you are going to force them to apply for the challenge. Why? Because an application process is exclusive and holds more value.

So you’ll be taking application and then conducting interviews.

2. Set Up Your Ads

Without a doubt you need to be running ads to get people into your challenge. Best way to do this is to create a quick 20 to 30 second video where you do something that grabs a person’s attention – wave, cartwheel, etc.

Next in the video talk about how you are going to be holding a challenge and it’s going to be for the first 20 guys or girls that take advantage of it. Don’t give the price or too many details – we want people to click on the ad.

3. Follow Up

This is one of the most important steps for sure. You have to follow up like crazy. There will be lots of no shows so it’s up to you to get them to come in. Call them. Email them. Text them. After you do those three things, do it again.

4. Polish Your Sales Pitch

Way back when I used to wing every consultation, guess what happened? I bombed.

It’s important to follow and stick to a script. This way you’ll be prepared for everything and every objection. Otherwise, you won’t know where you went wrong and how to course correct.

5. Sell After the First Week

Awhile back I used to think it was best to wait until midway through or after a challenge to sell the full time membership. Sure it worked OK, but this works better. Think about it: When is someone most excited about something? The first week, right? Well that’s the perfect time to make them an offer on your full membership. Offer them half off the first month, apply their challenge money to the membership, etc. I was able to improve my stick rate from 40 to 70 percent just by making that tweak.

So there you have it: The basic five steps to setting up a successful challenge this year. Now go out and make it happen.

Robby Blanchard is the owner of CrossFit Reach, one of the most recognizable and profitable CrossFit Affiliates in the nation. In addition to coaching 300 athletes daily, he has helped thousands of CrossFitters through his online training programs. Robby is also a coach and business mentor through his Rx Business Program, which helps over 100 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide by teaching them how to scale their businesses.