5 Tips to Better Your Email Strategies

5 Tips to Better your Email Strategies

There’s a reason your email inbox is full of new messages day in and day out. People are still using email, as much as some would like to disagree. According to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., email is nearly 40 times more effective than social media in terms of acquiring new customers. So it stands proven the emails you are sending hold a lot of sway, which makes it that much more important to be sure what you are sending out has substance and value.

Here are five tips to make sure you are getting the most out of the emails you send.

1. Subject Line

A first impression holds a lot of value for a customer. If they didn’t drop in to your Box or meet you in person, the way you start an email might be how they first decide on what they think about your business. The subject line is an overlooked area of an email, but can be what makes or breaks someone opening it. Make it catchy and worthy of having someone open it.

2. Write Templates

It can get a little frustrating to get the same questions in emails over and over again, but it is important to give each person the care and consideration they deserve in a reply. A good solution is to write a couple of email templates to use. Save them in a separate folder and use them when you don’t have a lot of time to reply but still know the emails need to get done that day.

3. Use Current and Personal Subjects to Connect

It doesn’t take long to find out what your members have been up to on Facebook or other social media platforms. If you know a member just ran their first marathon, send them an email congratulating them. Even things as simple as sending an uplifting meme because they got a new promotion, telling them to have fun on their upcoming vacation or celebrating the addition of a new family member can go a long way. These clients are more than likely going to tell their friends about the caring atmosphere you provide at your Box.

4. End with a Question

It’s common for emails to go unanswered simply because there wasn’t a need for someone to respond. This is where ending with a question comes in handy. Don’t end with “Let me know if this would be something of interest to you” or “Looking forward to hearing from you.” Instead ask the questions outright and give them a reason to answer.

5. Formatting Matters

Emails need to be easy to read and quick to scan. More than likely, people are going to check their email on their phone, so utilizing bullet points or numbered lists can be beneficial in ensuring they are reading the key points of your email. Highlighting keywords is a good idea, as long as it isn’t done in excess, because then those keywords don’t have as much value. Try to avoid using unique fonts or changing the text color. Try and keep the formatting as simplistic and minimalistic as possible.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.