5 Things Your Gym Must Have

What does your Box need to meet success?

Today I was reading an article on Entreprenuer.com about the disconnect between employers and employees concerning work-life balance. For all companies this should be an awareness, but in the fitness industry I believe a major factor should still be that career stability trumps all worries.

Such as it was in just about every cover interview I had in 2014, there was a strong emphasis on developing stability among employees, and like Juliet Starrett said, being a CrossFit trainer should not be just something you do in your 20s before you go to law school.

In CrossFit there are so many options to how you operate your business. You can be a one-person show, operating your gym out of your garage, or you can have multiple locations with a management staff and several full-time employees. What you want to ensure either way is establishing longevity for your brand.

If you are training individuals and groups in your garage, that’s great, but you must develop strong training practices to ensure that your small gym operation doesn’t just disappear out from under you. Furthermore, as your operation grows, it’s vital that you create opportunity for your employees. If you have multiple trainers at your gym, in addition to yourself, you need to figure out a solution to develop a career for those individuals.

It’s important to realize what people need and expect out of a career. Typically it will involve one of the following things:

  1. Not having to work two jobs: This will also depend on the individual’s financial obligations, which is out of your control.
  2. Having a 401k or retirement fund: This is a perk in some companies, but when you think of a real business, doesn’t retirement seem to be the norm?
  3. Health insurance: This isn’t necessarily the norm anymore, but if you’re not going to afford health coverage, it needs to be reflected in some other way.
  4. Competitive salaries: At least one Coach, in addition to yourself, should have a sustainable income.
  5. Funding for further education, regardless if that’s additional training certifications or CrossFit certifications.

What are some other perks you believe are necessary in developing career positions in your gym? Let everyone know in the comments!


Photo by Brian Slaughter

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.

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