Leveraging the Top Five Technology Trends in Fitness


Technology is changing the CrossFit industry more than ever before. Affiliates who prepare for disruption will increase profit and attract more athletes, but those who don’t risk getting left behind.

Keeping up with the pace of innovation may seem daunting, but embracing new technology will help CrossFit Boxes get ahead. Here’s how Affiliates can leverage the top five technology trends in fitness to engage athletes, build community and take their businesses to the next level:

1. Earn extra revenue with wearable technology.

Wearable technology for group heart rate training has been shown to increase member acquisitions by up to 25 percent. Capitalizing on this trend gives gyms an opportunity to boost revenue from retail and membership sales while staying ahead of customer demand.

Not only are wearables a smart financial investment, but heart rate monitors also increase athlete engagement by providing instant feedback as they exercise. Real-time data pushes athletes harder, drives competition and helps them reach their fitness goals, giving CrossFit Boxes a way to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

2. Strengthen community with challenge software.

Searches for “30-day challenges” climbed 140 percent since 2013 — according to the Wall Street Journal — and Affiliates should take advantage of this growing trend to build community in a fun, healthy way.

There are dozens of ways to run a challenge with technology. But most fitness industry experts recommend using software specifically designed to track participants’ results.

With a digital challenge solution, participants can see where they rank and connect with each other from anywhere. This increases their involvement in the gym community, which will improve athlete engagement and retention overtime.

3. Eliminate busy work with automation.

Every minute of a Box owner’s time is valuable, but routine tasks like billing, payroll and class scheduling can sink their productivity. Luckily, owners can leverage automation to streamline their businesses and get more stuff done quickly.

Automation frees people up to focus on projects they care about most. It also improves efficiency and reduces human error, eliminating the daily tasks that get in the way of growing a business. As a result, Affiliate owners will have more time and money to reinvest in their Box and help athletes reach their full potential.

4. Monitor a gym’s health with big data.

Affiliate owners can collect and analyze data to monitor their Box’s health, make more strategic business decisions and plan for the future. These insights are only a glance away with the right reporting tools, making it easy for owners to keep a finger on the pulse of their Box.

There are tons of gym management systems available on the market, and it’s important Box owners choose one allowing them to drill down or take a top-level view at metrics like revenue, churn and athlete attendance. Leveraging these intelligent, actionable insights gives Box owners a deeper understanding of their gym’s performance, allowing them to make predictions and build better business strategies.

5. Engage athletes with performance tracking.

By providing a visual record of their progress, performance tracking allows athletes to assess past performance and anticipate future results. This increases their motivation, holds them accountable and creates a more engaging gym experience.

Athletes can use these insights to set better goals and push themselves harder. This increases the value they receive from their gym membership while keeping them connected to their Box, which may translate to higher retention rates in the long run.

This is the future of fitness technology.

Embracing innovation has been proven to improve athlete retention, increase profit and help Boxes stay one step ahead of the competition. Whether the goal is to increase productivity or athlete engagement, taking advantage of these five technology trends can improve how CrossFit Affiliates do business.


Meghan Garrity is a falafel enthusiast, yoga junkie and content editor at Wodify. When Meghan isn’t writing for Wodify’s blog, you’ll find this Philly native curled up with a book or playing with other people’s pets. Have any questions, blog ideas or just wanna chat? Drop Meghan a line.