5 Reasons Not to Take Part in the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Open

It feels like the Games ended a month ago and now the Open is about to start? Yes, the CrossFit Open is about to start… again

With the new changes to qualifying for the Games, athletes will technically be competing in the Open twice in the same year for the first time. Next year, things will go back to normal with only one Open so no need to worry.

Personally, I participated every year in the Open mainly to be a part of the community, challenge myself a bit, and to try and beat my friends. 

Some years I took it serious, got nervous before each WOD and agonized over my score. Some years I was satisfied with just giving my best effort, worked around injuries, scaled a few workouts and didn’t sweat it. 

So, if you are one of those people who has been complaining and making excuses about the Open being twice this year and why you won’t be signing up, then you’ll be happy to know that I’ve got five reasons why you and your athletes should not take part in this year’s CrossFit Open.

1. You don’t like cheering for your friends.

Encouragement from your peers and yelling from your Coach leads to greater effort and maybe a few new PRs. So if yelling at your gym bestie to “Get one more rep!” or congratulating your friends on their inspiring effort really isn’t your thing, then maybe sit this one out.

2. You love cherry picking workouts and only doing things that you’re already good at.

When the class WOD is heavy barbells, you arrive to the gym early. When the workout is running, you always find a reason why you can’t make it. The Open forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you try the workouts you’ve been skipping all year in class. 

3. If you secretly love to shave reps and cut the range of motion short on your movements, then you might want to skip participating.

Actually having a judge count your reps and no rep your half squats might be hard for you to handle. Spoiler alert: you aren’t fooling your Coaches; they know.  

4. You don’t like to measure progress.

What’s the point of seeing if you’re improving, right? It’s better not to record your score or track any of your workouts. Not only are your workouts going to be judged but you’re also going to have to post your scores publicly for all of the world to see. If recording your results and measuring your progress is something you disagree with then these workouts are not for you.

5. You don’t want to risk the chance of achieving your first pullup, handstand pushup, double under or Snatch PR.

I’ve witnessed so many members finally get their first muscle ups during the Open. The joy and excitement on their face along with the cheering from their friends and Coaches are some of my best memories. The heightened environment may lead to you finally getting that movement you’ve been stuck on, so it’s probably best to avoid risking that.

My last advice is that if you’re newer to CrossFit and this is your first chance to sign up for the Open, I highly encourage you to give it a try, be a part of it and go into it with excitement, not worry. You may surprise yourself.

For the veteran members or Coaches who might be kind of over it, I get where you’re coming from; I’ve been in your MetCons before.

My advice is to focus on all of the positive aspects and don’t make it into something it’s not. Do what you can, scale what you have to and give it your 100% best effort. Cheer on your teammates, have fun and who knows: it might just be the motivation you needed to hit your next PR. 

Andy Parker and his wife Kristie opened CrossFit Stamford in 2006. They were also business consultants, hired to assist launching Solace in New York City. In 2018 they sold their Affiliate and moved to Tampa, Florida. Since then Andy has founded Next Level Affiliates, a website dedicated to helping small gym owners and Coaches improve all aspects of their business. He’s also created the Business WOD, an affordable online business course created specifically to teach owners how to open, grow and eventually sell their gyms. For more details and to connect with Andy, please visit nextlevelaffiliate.blog.