5 Great Ways to Grow Your Membership

grow your membership

In this business, it’s key to keep growing. But sometimes, you need new ideas on how to accomplish such a feat. Here are five ways you can market your services that you may not have thought of before:

1. Promote the Benefits of CrossFit to Boomers

Exercisers who are over 50 are reshaping the fitness business. If you don’t offer CrossFit classes to them, you are missing a real marketing opportunity. According to recent industry analysis, they are the fastest growing segment of the gym population. You can start this group at a lower level with light dumbbells and work up to levels they are comfortable with. Using products like a rowing machine can enhance their workout, as it’s low impact and uses large muscle groups through a long range of motion. Air bikes are also effective for low intensity with an upper body workout.

2. Create Community with Social Media

Don’t just offer those great new classes — take lots of pictures of them and post them with customer tags on your website, Facebook and Instagram. It also adds interest and credibility when you include customer testimonials and training tips from your instructors. If you showcase your own community as a place filled with energy, enthusiasm and great results, you will expand your community with more people who want to be part of it.

3. Free Marketing Via Classes Outdoors

Holding classes outdoors, especially in parks, courtyards or high traffic areas can be highly effective free marketing. Put up a sandwich board with the name of your Box and make sure you have some class flyers on hand. Include a free introductory class offer as well.

4. Stimulate the Best Form of Advertising

There is no better advertising than personal referrals from satisfied customers. To stimulate this activity, create discount offers your participants can offer to their friends. Better yet, have special introductory class days where members can bring a friend to try your programs. This gives pride of ownership to class members and they will be your best sales force in promoting your facility.

5. Don’t be Afraid of Discount Promotions

Often marketers come up with a great discount promotion to sell products or services, only to be told they are giving too much away. At first glance, that’s the right conclusion. But now consider the potential lifetime value of this customer — what can you actually afford to give away if you create a satisfied customer who belongs to your Box for years to come? Promotions create interest, stimulate membership, and if analyzed over a longer time period, can be a valuable marketing tool.

And one last tip — if you do create special promotions, make sure you also offer them to your existing customers in terms of extending their memberships. Nothing makes customers unhappier than thinking someone else is getting a better opportunity than they are.


By Anne Cushing, the director of marketing at Cascade Health and Fitness. For more information, email acushing3@comcast.net or visit cascadehealthandfitness.com.