5 Benefits of Selling Pre-Made Meals in Your Box

Paleo on the Go

Time is the No. 1 factor when it comes to people struggling with their fitness goals and needs. With that in mind, being able to provide real-food meals and cleaner, more available options to clients, members and athletes in your Box can have a huge impact. Here are five benefits when it comes to offering pre-made paleo meals in the Box:

Marketing and branding bonus. Operational logistics and marketing can really tax your creativity as a business owner. And finding ways to set yourself apart can spread you thin. Providing pre-made paleo meals in the Box is one way to offer your athletes an extra perk. Many Boxes and competitive garage gyms will sell their brand in the form of swag, such as  T-shirts, water bottles and supplements stacked onsite, which is absolutely great. But how many Boxes do you know keep a supply of entrees, meals and snacks that are 100 percent paleo (and even sugar detox or autoimmune friendly) for their members and athletes?

Additional revenue opportunity. Knowing the strategy in which a product you sell relates to your members, and what their motives would be in buying it, are the two key factors in sales and revenue. Pre-made paleo meals have a specific and clearly defined place in any Box by these standards. Motive: Members are looking for clean foods. Historically, paleo has provided the most successful protocols. Usually pre-made paleo meals aren’t easy to access for members. Also, they typically aren’t convenient to make in most areas. So, being able to provide available, pre-made paleo meals  to your members will increase sales in your Box.

Easy transition options for clients/athletes. We need fuel and nutrition with variety. And we need to mix it up to ensure all requirements are being met. Following recipes on blogs can be frustrating, and lifestyle transitions are difficult for members to adjust to at first. Starting with pre-made paleo meals and entrees is a great segue into healthy and clean eating by taking the guess-work out of the process.

Convenient fuel. Top nutritionists and coaches agree on how much better you feel by eating real, substantial food that is clean, healthy and organic. Paleo meets all of those standards, which is why CrossFitters continue to follow the lifestyle. Athletes feel better eating real foods after a workout, and they achieve quicker recovery times and meet their goals faster.

Continued support. By providing pre-made paleo meals in the Box, you are ultimately expanding your capacity to support your athletes by reducing the temptations to satisfy that kind of hunger and craving a CrossFit workout can manifest. And the body needs good fuel to keep going. That insatiable hunger leaves it too easy for athletes to dive into the quickest, fastest, most sugary, processed monster meal.

To sum it up, there’s a number of valid reasons your Box can benefit from real food. Start your search for a pre-made paleo vendor today.

By Sara Eye, CHEK certified exercise coach, holistic nutritionist and spiritual counselor