Why 97 Percent Fail and 3 Percent Succeed


Did you know, “97 percent of people work for the other 3 percent who didn’t give up?”

The last article I wrote was about not letting perfection get in your way of starting something: Start with Crap, Polish Until Pretty. Now let’s dive into why else you aren’t moving forward: You just aren’t doing anything!

I take that back, you’re doing a lot, but a lot of the wrong stuff. You’re focusing on the 80 percent of things you think you need to get done, and not the 20 percent that will make you successful. Within that 20 percent lies trying to find out what the 20 percent is exactly.

We consume ourselves with the 80 percent and build it up to be so important we feel like we don’t have time to sit down and plan, evaluate or focus. Well, now I’m telling you you don’t have the time not to do this.

Working harder is great. Working smarter is better. Combining the two is magic!

No one cares that you are busy. Why? Because everyone is busy. And the people who aren’t are the ones you don’t want to be like. Richard Branson runs 180 different companies. Gary Keller runs the world’s largest real estate company. Both do so with the same 24 hours in a day that you and I have. How? By combining hard work with smart work.

Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing, breaks down how to determine what your 20 percent is, and then how to find what is most important within that. He poses the question, “What is the one thing you can do today that will make everything easier?” Then expands on that mantra — what is the one thing this week? This month? This year? What is the one thing that if done will make things easier and get you to your goals?

Once I determined the “One Thing” for my gym — our Elements course — I put all of my focus and energy into it, and the ripple effect of those efforts have lead to improvements throughout everything we do. Once fully overhauled, I will determine my next “One Thing” and continue to move forward toward owning the gym I have always envisioned.

There is still a time and place for the 80 percent. It just has to be the right time and place. That’s after the most important items are identified, given a place in your calendar, and then taken care of.

You have been given the keys to the kingdom. Now go find your “One Thing.”

Eric Karls is a founder of CrossFit 859 in Nicholasville, Kentucky. He also helped open CrossFit Fisticuffs in Georgetown, Kentucky, and is the founder/supervisor of Georgetown College CrossFit. Eric can be followed on his personal Facebook or contacted at crossfit859eric@gmail.com.